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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne Enjoy Topless Lesbian Fun at the Beach

Michelle Rodriguez Cara Delevingne ToplessFor quite a few years there has been question as to which "team" Michelle Rodriguez plays for; always hot, seemingly a little rough, it just seemed like Michelle may be down for a romp with the ladies.  The rumors were further fueled when Michelle was seen a few years ago occasionally spending quality time with openly bisexual Terminator 3 bombshell Kristanna Loken.

With all the speculation, there wasn't any official confirmation on where Michelle Rodriguez's sexual orientation stood until this year when Michelle confirmed that she does indeed play for BOTH teams.  While not a full on lesbian as many suspected, being bi-sexual is still something that opens doors for material like today's post which is the stuff dreams are made of - Michelle Rodriguez romping at the beach in Mexico with her topless girlfriend Cara Delevingne - and we've got the uncensored pics!

A couple of months ago it became clear that Michelle Rodriguez and super hot British model Cara Delevingne were a couple when they had no problem being VERY affectionate at an NBA game.  That was fun and all, but getting to see the two grope each other while Cara is topless is almost too good to be true.  While Michelle also being topless with her woman would've made things even better, this is hopefully only beginning of this couple showing us they don't care who sees their most passionate moments.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Rihanna Wears Completely See Through Top at Paris Fashion Show

Rihanna See ThroughWe're considering renaming our site "NSFW Rihanna" since she has such a history over the years of giving us so much post-worthy material.  In all seriousness, she has really kept it creative in somehow showing us a lot of nudity without just standing there completely naked.  From  fully nude paparazzi shots taken from a distance to just a few weeks ago posing topless on the beach for a photo shoot, Rihanna is one of our all-time favorites for not being afraid to let us see.  Her latest has to be considered one of her greatest, simply because it gives us the message "Oh you want to see my tits?  Well here they are!"

Rihanna attended the Balmain Fashion Show after party in Paris wearing THE most revealing shirt she's ever worn...if it can even be considered a shirt.  You see Rihanna simple wore a piece of mesh for a top, and absolutely NOTHING under.  That's right, full on Rihanna boobs on display, out in the open for all to see.  Rihanna gladly took pics knowing her boobs were showing, nipple ring and all, and seemed quite glad to do so....all in the name of fashion right?

It seems that recently Rihanna is BARELY trying to cover up anymore, as seen in her topless beach pics where she only wore small pieces of tape that didn't even cover her nipples, and now she's just straight up letting us get the full view.  Many say Miley Cyrus has started a game of "one up" with other music stars as far as who can show the most skin, but if Rihanna is indeed jumping in on that game...things are definitely going to get interesting.  Then again maybe Rihanna was just inspired being in Paris where fashion is huge, and showing ones tits is just another aspect of it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Farrah Abraham Has Another Sex Tape - Backdoor and More!

If you watched the original controversial Farrah Abraham sex tape, you were probably left wondering what would be left for her to do in future sex tapes.  She took it in every hole, in every position, and was pretty much as dirty and raunchy as you could imagine.  Then of course there was the controversy where Farrah claimed it was just a "leaked" sex tape with her "boyfriend" and she would never do porn etc. etc....except for the fact that there was still unused footage from the first porn er....sex tape, a lot of footage actually.  So what else could she do besides maybe....get in a crazy sex swing and get rammed every which way all over again?  In a word.......yes.

All of that brings us to today, as Farrah Abraham's sex tape sequel "Backdoor and More!" has been released.  While these days Farrah is the star of VH1's "Couples Therapy" (because she's the first person to go on a couple's therapy show....by herself,) this new sex tape once again shows the real Farrah.  Abraham tried to seemingly distance herself from the first sex tape recently and maybe get back to some sort of "good mother" image, but that's really not possible when she has not one but TWO sex tapes with her begging for anal sex.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alexandra Daddario Nude in "True Detective"

Alexandra Daddario Nude SceneWe must admit that there may not have ever been a bigger buzz for nudity from an actress we weren't overly familiar with than that of Alexandra Daddario's nude debut in HBO's "True Detective."  From what we gathered..."the hot girl from the Percy Jackson" movies was the common response as to who Alexandra was, but after some research and viewing her first nude scene over and over again....we can gladly say we definitely know who Alexandra Daddario is now!

The reason for the buzz may be because frankly many people wouldn't expect an actress from a movie like Percy Jackson to do such gratuitous nudity....fantasize and wish, yes....expect? Not so much.  Or maybe the reason is because Alexandra has huge real boobs and actually getting the chance to see them naked isn't something that happens often.  She even challenges Rosario Dawson in the real giant natural boob category...yes they're that amazing!

The scene itself features Daddario with none other than Woody Harrelson, who at his age must be really feeling quite lucky to be staring at Alexandra's COMPLETELY nude body.  As a matter of fact, it was probably the fact that Harrelson is a veteran of seeing naked females in movies that made things easier as they no doubt needed someone that could..."keep it down" during her scene so to speak.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rihanna Poses Topless in Brazil for Vogue Magazine

It's become very clear that Rihanna delivers the goods when it comes to celebrity nudity, and always comes across as it just being a natural thing for her when she gets naked.  Her latest adventure was in Brazil this week where she gladly took her top off and went topless for a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine.  Rihanna seemingly had little problem letting her boobs hang freely as the groups of personnel and photographers gawked away.  One minor problem is that Rihanna attempted to wear tape on her nipples so EVERYthing wasn't visible, but that idea didn't quite work.

We mentioned our old mortal enemy the dreaded nipple tape, but as we mentioned the idea didn't quit work.  For those of you who don't know, Rihanna has had pierced nipples for quite some time now, and they seemingly don't function well when one is trying to cover their nipples with tape.  The shots with the nipple tape on still show Rihanna's areola, and if that wasn't enough, at the end of the shoot she just took the tape off and had a pretty great nipple slip while wearing only a jacket to cover herself.