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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gwen Stefani and Olivia Wilde Whip Out Their Boobs for Breastfeeding Time

Olivia Wilde BreastfeedingWelcome to the NSFW Celeb Breastfeeding Edition!  In all seriousness, this post may stir a bit of controversy due to the subject matter, but does seeing a famous boob in a breastfeeding situation make any of us want to see that boob any less?  That is the question you can answer as you take a look at both Olivia Wilde and Gwen Stefani pull their boobs out and do their natural motherly duties.

The common belief in the argument is that when a boob is pulled out for breastfeeding, it automatically becomes nonsexual and all interest in looking at that boob should automatically be lost.  Agreed, this is not a sexual act and the majority of people probably don't even think about it that way - but it's still a boob, we all like boobs, so why can't we think it's hot for a confident hot mom to go ahead and do what she needs to do...and even better if they don't bother hiding it!

Moving right along, our subjects today are Olivia Wilde and Gwen Stefani - two hot moms who were recently seen breastfeeding recently in slightly different scenarios.  In Olivia's case, she actually posed for a photo for Glamour Magazine as she breastfed her son.  The photo doesn't actually show nipple but none the less it's hard to say that Olivia Wilde loses any attractiveness, I mean who wouldn't want to look?  Olivia's awesome attitude comes across in this recent post about the pic from her Twitter:

"Otis ordered milkshakes. Luckily I had some on me. Then he peed on my dress. Good kid. "

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ashley Benson Caught Topless at the Beach!

Ashley Benson ToplessThis is one of those posts that do not come along nearly as often as they should; it's the moment when a hot celebrity that hasn't got naked on screen decides to take her top off at the beach and take the risk that some super-skilled paparazzi isn't around to catch the glorious moment.  That celebrity today is Ashley Benson who decided to let her boobs get some sun on a recent trip to the beach in Hawaii with her pal Shay Mitchell and fortunately for us ALL, one of those awesome members of the paparazzi captured all the magic.

Why is this particular celebrity topless moment a big deal to us other than the fact that Ashley Benson is hot and has great boobs?  The answer probably stems from the fact that she starred in the most hyped movie (as far as raunchy nudity teases) ever in "Spring Breakers" - a movie that did deliver some boobs and plenty of hot bikini moments but lacked any real nudity from the stars we wanted to see naked most (Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez.)

All the build up, hype, trailers etc. made it seem like we'd basically be getting a softcore porn featuring all these hot young vixens that had never been naked on the big screen; the real kicker is the fact that Benson and Vanessa Hudgens have a steamy threesome sex scene along with James Franco and we do get some barely there nudity in the scene from Hudgens - but the problem lies in that when the perviest of us watch the scene in slow motion, it can be seen that Benson is actually wearing pasties on her nipples.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

WWE Diva Lana Fully Nude Pics

WWE Lana NakedWe all know how much you all love WWE Diva nudity, and it's always great when WWE brings us a new and interesting female character like "The Ravishing Russian" Lana (real name Catherine Joy Perry) and then we discover she has an awesome collection of nude modeling pictures in her past.

"C.J. Perry" was actually born in Florida, but really did grow up in the Soviet Union.  Her character "Lana" is seen weekly on WWE programming as the spokesperson of sorts for "Rusev" (who she is apparently dating in real life.)  The "Ravishing Russian" nickname is quite fitting, as Lana struts out each week in her form fitting suits and berates the lowly Americans in her Russian accent.  Being she debuted just this year on WWE TV, it's kind of surprising they brought her in since they're trying to keep a clean-ish image and Lana has a history of getting all kinds of naked.

 These pics make it pretty clear that Lana didn't just pose nude once in her past, but many times and showed every inch of her body.  This collection features some awesome topless photos, bottomless showing her bare ass, and even some full frontal nudity in a few of them; yes, Lana just won WWE star status in our NSFW world.  It's great she did a lot of this type of modeling prior to WWE because we all know she won't be allowed to show any skin while she's there.  Her sexy Russian character isn't going anywhere anytime soon so as she moves up the ladder of success in WWE, it will always be great to look back at these pics.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scout Willis Walks Around Topless in New York for the Best Protest Ever!

Scout Willis ToplessCensorship - it's something that this site will obviously never support and something we've often spoke out against in our posts and on social media.  Just recently it seems like the anti-censorship movement has gotten a little more mainstream, due in large part to a movement that we totally support, aptly named "Free the Nipple."

Basically the "Free the Nipple" movement has questioned why it's OK for men to go topless anytime they please, but for women it's either looked down upon or even illegal in some states.  Now if a given state said "no genitals in public," we'd understand....equal rule for everyone; but because women have boobs they can't show them openly even if they want to but men can....nipples are nipples.  Something wrong there.

Well it seems things really got serious it seems when Rihanna was banned from Instagram for posing her sizzling topless pics from Lui magazine.  Now of course the pics are hot and a huge deal because Rihanna is showing her boobs without covering them at all for the first time, but in reality she isn't doing anything sexual - it's just her topless boobs in plain view as she poses in the pics; but apparently Instagram is against any sort of nudity, artistic or not, and Rihanna was removed from the platform.  Again, this causes issue, because a man could've done the exact same post and it would've been perfectly fine....just something wrong there.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rihanna Poses Nude in Lui Magazine

Rihanna NakedWell the day we all knew would come is finally here - after years of teases, peaks, and slips, Rihanna has finally posed nude in a magazine. 

For years we would have guessed Playboy would be the magazine Rihanna took it all off for, but for those of us who aren't fans of Playboy's airbrushed pics that the magazine has become notorious for, it's the French magazine "Lui" that features these awesome naked photos that deliver our first look at Rihanna's nude ass and completely topless boobs!

We've mentioned it before, but Rihanna has given us years worth of drool-worthy moments and somehow has done so without getting totally naked; just a couple of months ago she wore a completely see through shirt at a fashion show which gave us a full view of her boobs and nipples.  It's been moments such as the see through shirt that have kept us hanging on for more and more from Rihanna, but finally the time has come to show it all and the results give us everything we could have asked for and more.