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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ronda Rousey Dominates UFC, and Looks Good Naked Too

Ronda Rousey ToplessRonda Rousey blew the Internet up over the weekend after her record setting victory over Cat Zingano at UFC 184; Ronda not only continued her undefeated streak, she also defeated the top threat to her title in a record 14 seconds.  Of course with Ronda becoming one of the biggest draws in MMA and now even moving into movies as well, our main thought is....how does she feel about getting naked?

As luck would have it, the ultra bad ass UFC Women's Bantamweight that doesn't mind telling you she's the best in the world also doesn't seem to mind taking her clothes off!  Rousey has posed in semi-stages of nude already for a few magazines including ESPN Magazine, Maxim, and more recently the one and only Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  In these pics we've seen Ronda's completely naked ass, a few topless pics with her nipples covered of course, but the most jaw dropping (at least for us) was Ronda almost going full frontal on us with some pics for ESPN that went WAY low and as close to her vaginal area as you can get without a full slit view.

If you've seen Ronda fight (or even seen her signature face when walking to the cage) you know she doesn't come across as the most "girly" female out there; she's seems to definitely be a tomboy, but WOW these pics show that she sure cleans up nicely.  So now that we've seen her semi-naked, we think she has to be a candidate for Playboy (or any other magazine that is smart) to look at as someone they could pay big bucks to for her to take it all off and show us everything.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kim Kardashian Poses Fully Nude for Love Magazine

I guess we can now say that Kim Kardashian is making a blatant effort to stay relevant as the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ride is coming to an end (although the 5 or 6 spinoffs will probably continue in some way,) and the buzz over her legendary sex tape is finally cooling off.  Now Kim is showing us that she knows what will keep us all interested, and it's her taking her clothes off.

Just a couple of months back, Kim tried to "break the Internet" by openly showing her bare ass, but now she's taking things a step further in this spread for Love Magazine that shows much, much more! 

As you may recall many years ago when Kim posed for Playboy, she talked about being too shy to show much skin (yes, after her sex tape that featured her getting pounded every which way was released) and even had to go back to re-shoot more pics so they were at least Playboy worthy; well that was many years ago and now Kim is obviously ready to do what it takes to stay on top because she shows more here than Playboy ever thought about.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless at the Beach in Hawaaii

Miley Cyrus is really making an effort to earn serious "nude celeb of the year" status around here; just a couple of weeks ago we posted her nude spread in V Magazine, then came the news that she would be posing for Playboy later this year, and now to top it all off Miley is now just going around topless at the beach for all of us to see.

Apparently Miley is now banging Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold) and he's pretty OK with her going bare boob at the beach as the two recently frolicked together in Hawaii.  At first Miley did have a top on, but I'm sure she figured that wouldn't grab enough attention so she decided to "free the nipple" so to speak - actually Miley is a big supporter of the "Free the Nipple" campaign (yes that's really a thing) and we're glad to see her actually back her support up instead of just talking about it.

It's really still hard to imagine that Miley was once the "Hanna Montana" character and regularly talked about how she would never be one of those girls that showed the goods for attention, but now she's at the top of the raunchy list.  Basically she believes tits were meant to be seen, and we can't say that we can argue.  Whether you like seeing boobs in magazine shoots or in a more natural setting like a beach, Miley delivers......now we wonder if she's going to deliver boobs in a sex tape setting as well - is it only a matter of time?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Miley Cyrus Finally Takes it All Off - Poses Fully Nude for V Magazine

Just when we were starting to worry the fact that we haven't seen any new raunchy goodness from Miley Cyrus, she hits us with her first fully nude photo spread.  Thankfully in this day and age, there are great magazines like "V Magazine" that deliver real deal nudity and not the old Playboy stuff that made celebs look so painted up and fake that it was barely worth the time.  In this shoot, Miley takes it ALL off in what appear to be actual Polaroid pics, which are pretty much as real as it gets.

Normally "posing nude" could mean many things including nude, but with strategically placed arms and hands to cover up the good parts - but this is Miley Cyrus here, so what we have hear is full on shots of her topless tits, full ass shots, and even a surprising full on frontal shot that reveals she actually rocks a landing strip...and we would've put money on the fact that Miley was shaved bald for sure!

If you are a Miley fan and have been waiting to see her naked, this is the shoot for you as it seems to deliver a little bit of everything; from her hanging out with a boob hanging out of her bra, to outdoor shots of her completely naked, to even a few pics that seem to throw back to her clean cut long hair days (my how things have changed since then!)  The shot of her nude and coming out of a bubble bath especially has to be a bit of a Miley fantasy fulfillment for many of her fans.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kourtney Kardashian FINALLY Poses Nude (and While Pregnant) for DuJour Magazine

Kourtney Kardashian nudeIt's hard to believe that it's been over 7 years since Kim Kardashian became famous for having sex on tape; yes, believe it or not, Ray J was a bigger celebrity back then and Kim was just the chick he banged in a sex tape.  Before long the whole Kardashian clan was famous and had more reality shows than we can keep up with and along the way we came to know her sisters who we hoped would also get naked in various ways over the years.

Sadly, none of the Kardashian (or Jenner) sisters have followed in Kim's sex and nudity footsteps, but today we've finally got Kourtney taking more clothing off than she ever has before. 

Over the years we've had such teases from the other Kardashian sisters such as Khloe spanking Kourtney in a thong which drove us crazy since it's so obvious that getting naked is the key to relevance for the Kardashian family (just ask Kim about her nude pic leak from a few months ago that lit the Internet up once again.) Apparently Kourtney is starting to get the idea as these pictures from DuJour.com show.  Kourtney thinks being pregnant is a great reason to be nude because it's such a "beautiful thing".....we agree.