Caps From the New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape…Who Needs Playboy?!

Well Kim Kardashians new sex tape “Superstar 2” has officially been released. While it’s basically just an “Uncut” type version of the first tape, not everyone will be pleased we’re sure, but if you just want more Kim getting pounded even longer….then you’re in luck.

We’re lost as to why Kim was so against showing her boobs and ass on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” When she went to her photo shoot, as this tape gets her from every angle, every position, performing every act… yeah, Playboy was pretty mild compared seeing Ray J have his way with her. But regardless, Kim Kardashian is one of our most, if not THE most requested celeb here at NSFW Celebs, so we’ve grabbed some caps from the latest porn sex tape, and the whole thing is for sale at Check out Kim from top to uh….bottom:


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