Nicolette Sheridan Ass

Nicollette Sheridan Nearly Nude in New Bikini Beach Candid Pics!

Nicolette Sheridan AssApparently most celebrities believe that if they go off to some far away destination, they’re free to strip down and show skin freely as they’re finally safe from the paparazzi. Well as most should know by now, there is NO escaping the paparazzi as they’ll even hide out in secluded islands if need be in order to catch a big star flaunting their goods…and for that, we thank them.

This round it’s Nicollette Sheridan, who was out and about on Saint Barthelemy Island over the weekend, hanging out (literally) at the beach with good old Michael Bolton, who we still can’t figure out nailed, and continue nailing Nicollette, but maybe he turned out alright once the monster mullet came off.

Anyway, Nicollette wore a VERY small 2 piece bikini, one that barely covered her nice ass at all, and her boobs were pretty visible too, right through her wet top. Now Nicollette is turning out to be one of those types that remains hot forever, which is a good thing. She seemingly was one of the hot chicks of the early 90’s, but as evident in these pics, the Desperate Housewives star still has an ass that measures up in 2007, and no doubt will keep people hoping that she gives us more semi naked or fully naked shots to look at for years to come!

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