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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wow! Paris Hilton Poses Nude for the Rich Water Foundation!

My my, the quality nakedness rolling in lately just doesn't stop, and now the "Get naked for a good cause" campaign continues, and we're happy to report, it's even spread outside of PETA! Yes, more foundations have found that they can bring people in for their cause, simply by having famous women get naked! Anyway, Paris Hilton got totally naked for a photo shoot for the Rich Water Foundation, which brings drinking water to drought ridden areas. Once again, it's got our attention, and we're all about the drinking water, good job Paris! Of course Paris's goods have been seen in some sex videos before, but some higher quality naked magazine shoots always seem to be somewhat.....better, in a different sort of way, maybe because Paris MEANT to get captured naked this time. Check out these smokin pics from the new ad...
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  1. The magazine photos seem to be better because of the wonders of Photoshop. They tough up every little blemish or light reflection until it's not even the same person.