WWE Diva Candice Michelle and American Gladiators Belinda Gavin Lesbian Sex Video Uncovered!

Wow, this one must have been flying under the radar especially OUR radar for a long time. News had been spread recently that American Gladiators contestant Belinda Gavin had a history in the adult entertainment industry…yeah porn! But things have taken an interesting twist as a video of WWE Diva and GoDaddy Girl Candice Michelle, who also did some soft porn type stuff before entering WWE, romping in a bathtub with Gavin has been uncovered.

Wow, we were surprised to have never run across this one before as most of Candice’s soft porn stuff has been posted on many wrestling sites for all to see, but we’ve never seen this one! Well now we’ve seen the video, and anything involving Candice Michelle in hot lesbian action (HLA!) is a winner. We’ve got some screen caps for you, along with some bonus caps from yet another scene with Candice and Belinda, this time more hot lesbian action, but outside by the pool!

**Update** We now have the videos of the Candice Michelle and Belinda Gavin Lesbian sex:

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