Adrianne Curry Lesbian

The Controversial Adrianne Curry Nude Lesbian Pics with Kelly Brannigan!

Adrianne Curry LesbianHere we have the cause of the much talked about blow up between Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry on a recent episode of their reality show “My Fair Brady: Maybe Baby?” For those of you that haven’t seen, Adrianne decides that as a birthday present for Chris’s birthday she would give him a nude pictorial with her female friend Kelly Brannigan from Deal or No Deal.

Upon receiving his “gift” Chris freaks out and goes nuts asking for a seperation, saying his worst nightmare came true, and uh, just losing it and causing a big fight.

Now let’s see, the guy is in his 40’s, nails a much younger America’s Next Top Model winner wife, then blows up and gets MAD when she takes pics with another hot girl for him… other words, Chris Knight might be the only man alive who would have such a reaction to these pics.

None the less, here they are, put yourself in his place and decide if YOU’d go into an angry rage if you opened up THESE as birthday presents…. - Image Upload - Image Upload - Image Upload - Image Upload - Image Upload - Image Upload  

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