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Monday, March 17, 2008

Kristin Davis Sex Tape on the Way???

Well this was a surprise. It seems that some guy is going around promoting that he has a Kristin Davis sex tape, and wants to distribute it etc. etc., same story we've heard about rumored sex tapes numerous times, except most turn out to be false. Now usually we wouldn't post a rumor here until we have some confirmation, so this IS strictly rumor as of now, but we decided to post based on the fact that couple of preview pics that are currently available, look a LOT like Kristin Davis, so there is a chance that this sex tape could be legit. Being Kristin Davis's character "Charlotte" from Sex and the City hardly ever got naked, or got involved with any wild sex like the other characters, this would be some great news to have a video of her not only nude, but getting down and dirty, as the pics show the supposed Kristin Davis giving a blowjob, while topless with her boobs in plain view. IF this turns out to be true, this video would be majorly popular, so we'll be on this story, and give any updates along with more pics or video if they come along. For now, here are the 2 available pics, feel free to comment and let us know what YOU think....is this or is this not Kristin Davis???

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