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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mena Suvari Shows Off Her Ass in a Thong on the Beach!

Celebrity bikini season is still in full swing apparently and we have to double up on our coverage (or un-coverage) to get as much here on the site as possible.

Today a lovely set of pics from a couple of days of Mena Suvari out and about on the beach recently. The great thing that both of these days have in common is that Mena Suvari is sporting bikinis that showcase and barely cover her ass!

Mena was pretty hot stuff a while back, especially in American Beauty when she bravely showed her rather small boobs in the movie. Well it's a few years later, her hair is now short and her tits are still pretty small looking, but she's realized that all she has to do is turn around and show us all that she's got a pretty damn great ass!

On both days she wore a different bikini, both of which barely covered a bit of her ass, which gives her our spotlight here on NSFW Celebs. We've provided the best shots here, and even one of her man (or whoever he is) groping her mighty fine ass:

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  1. She's pretty hot for a fat chick with no breasts.