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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pregnant Eva Herzigova Nude Pics!

Usually when we post that about a celeb posing nude while pregnant, it's a shoot that gives a nice motherly vibe to it, where the celeb conveniently covers her nipples and vagina area, but today we bring you a pregnant Eva Herzigova, who went with a different approach. Instead, Eva gives off a vibe of "Hey, I got banged, now I'm pregnant, but come bang me some more!" Instead of hiding her boobs, she shows them off, and gladly shows them, complete with nipple, in almost all the pics, and even uses them creatively, as you can see by the use of the fruit between her tits. In others, she grabs them, and shows how large and ready to produce milk they are! In most of the pics, she even does provocative poses, and some with tongue action even, just so everyone knows that she can't get enough, pregnant or not. We're big fans of this style of pregnant nudity. We've seen enough of the "I'm so motherly, here is my natural form, but I'm going to hide the good parts" type shoots. Hopefully Eva will spark some diversity in the nude pregnant celeb shoots in the future. Here are all the sexy shots of pregnant Eva Herzigova:

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