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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eva Mendes Spreads Her Legs and Shows Her Nude Breasts for Italian Vogue Magazine!!!

Have we uncovered the reason Eva Mendes had to go to rehab? That's all we can think of as we discover this shocking photo shoot Eva Mendes did for Italian Vogue Magazine.

There must be something about doing movies and photo shoots in other countries because what we're seeing here is a LOT more than we'd see in an American magazine. At first glance, we thought we were finding some hot Eva Mendes pics, then after further observation we see that she is completely showing her breasts with full nipple in view, and then we see more and more as we go. Then we get to not only nipples showing, but both boobs completely visible and her legs spread wide open...this is not a typical find for us with a big time actress like Eva suddenly going topless with no warning or the usual anticipation.

Beyond that, this shoot has something for everyone: Eva with whip cream on her face and chest, Eva in stockings, even Eva attempting to lick her foot, so yeah, all your basic fetishes are covered as well!

This is a glorious spread (yeah, spread) that already has jaws dropping, including ours. Now as we noticed, Eva appears that she could be drunk here or maybe she's just trying to look sexy, but we can't figure out why she wouldn't hold off such naked action for a main stream money making movie unless Italian Vogue dropped HUGE amounts of movie to get these kind of pics, and MANY pics at that.

Now just recently, "We Own the Night" was in theatres, and everyone went bananas over Eva Mendes showing what turned out to be about 2.3 seconds of 1 breast in that movie, hence the reason we don't get how the boobs came out freely in this magazine spread - but just to be clear here, NO complaints.

Drunk, not drunk, it doesn't matter, Eva is on fire in this spread. This is by far some of the hottest pics we've been able to provide on this site and we hope rehab has NOT changed any of Eva's feelings on going nude in magazine OR film. I think we can all agree after viewing these pics...all we can all say...is WOW, and enjoy your stay, as we're sure many of you will spend hours here, viewing this masterpiece of a photo shoot.

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