TNA Wrestling Knockout Gail Kim Nude Pics

Today we have another great nude pic collection from the wrestling world, this time it’s top TNA Wrestling Knockout, and former WWE Diva Gail Kim! These are some rare pics that were taken around the time she was released from WWE, and before beginning work in TNA. Gail is not really known for having a ton of sexy pics out there, and is more known for being a great women’s wrestler, but these pics were apparently part of a Korean cell phone campaign of some sort (and yes, naked boobs would make us buy a cell phone, so the Korean people have the right idea here on how to get things sold.) So these pics are pretty rare, and not typical of what we normally see from Gail Kim.

Gail totally let her tits out and gladly shows them off, and she has a great variety of sexy pics with her tits totally out. Too bad Korean ads don’t feature total nudity, because after seeing these, the more of Gail we see the better! Gail proves here to all the women’s wrestlers that want to be taken seriously as good wrestlers, that it’s OK to still get naked and show off their hot body without losing any respect. We actually appreciate Gail Kim’s ring work more now that we’ve seen her nude. The TNA Knockouts have some pretty nice photo shoots out there, but nothing beats a good topless shoot, and Gail Kim is welcome to show us her boobs here on NSFW Celebs again anytime. We have no doubt, that Korean cell phone sales must have jumped greatly, and other countries should take not, Gail Kim’s tits make for great ads!

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