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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jenna Jameson Nude Pics From New Movie Zombie Strippers

Jenna Jameson has claimed that she will never spread her legs for the porn business again, but nothing is stopping her from pulling out her giant boobs for a horror movie!

That's exactly what we have here, a horror movie about zombies only the zombies are strippers, therefore we get naked boobs and zombies all in one. By the title, this movie doesn't make me think this movie will be winning awards of any sort, but this movie is a non porn featuring Jenna along with Robert Englund, which at least brings it a LITTLE name value although Tito Ortiz is also in the movie which is rather odd and sounds a little B movie-ish to have an MMA guy in this sort of movie, whether it's her man or not, but hey whatever works.

Most people who know who Jenna is, have probably seen every inch of her at every angle possible, but hey, this is a change of scenery so maybe some people will like to see her as a zombie eating other people (no, not THAT way) and covered in blood etc. So here is a few shots of Jenna and her zombie tits from Zombie Strippers:

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