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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Classic Nude Scene: Alyssa Milano Totally Naked in "Embrace of the Vampire"

Today's classic nude scene is one of the most talked about, featured, and all around classic nude scenes ever.

Alyssa Milano was known as "Samantha" on Who's the Boss for years; Alyssa was a young kid when the show started, but when she grew up and got hot she was the type that wanted to break away from their wholesome characters they portrayed for so long and she did it the best way, by getting naked and raunchy in movies!

I think anytime this movie is even mentioned, Alyssa Milano nudity is the first thought - I'm not sure if anyone has actually watched it for any other reason. There is no "Who's the Boss" Samantha here, we just get a lot of Alyssa nudity. I've posted the long version of a few different scenes, just to get it all in. We get Alyssa changing clothes which features her boobs and an ass shot, then we get more boobs as she's dreaming about getting dirty with some guy, followed by the 2 most classic scenes where first Alyssa is being photographed by another female (Charlotte Lewis) while her tits are out for a good long view, then the photographer girl does what every guy wants her to do - she gets horny for Alyssa and starts molesting her tits etc. Then finally we get a vampire orgy as 2 guys and the girl get Alyssa naked, lick her all over, one guy nails her, yeah, keyword orgy.

So this movie is definitely the point where Alyssa Milano broke the mold and we applaud her for getting naked in numerous other movies too. So here is the classic scene, enjoy lots of nude Alyssa Milano.

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