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Marisa Tomei Pics from Nude Scene in “The Wrestler”

Marisa Tomei BoobsWith all the hype and award talk for the upcoming movie ‘The Wrestler,” there has been plenty of anticipation for to see just how naked Marisa Tomei would get in this movie after news spread that she plays a stripper in the film.

Marisa Tomei is very popular here at NSFW Celebs. She’s had a long career in plenty of movies, but hardly any nudity, UNTIL a few years ago, when she basically decided to get naked in every movie since. So to all the big time actresses who haven’t gotten naked yet, you can still be cool with us as long as you start getting naked in every one of your movies at some point like Marisa Tomei.

We first wrote about Marisa Tomei having nude scenes in “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, which we featured early pics on, then we reported that movie kicks off with Marisa getting banged hard doggy style (clip included), which is a great way to start any movie. So we’ve seen Marisa’s tits in a few movies now in some good sex scenes and in some random scenes with her just walking around topless, so now to make things even better, Marisa Tomei is a stripper who actually gets naked in the movie unlike most big names actresses who play strippers but never take anything off! We get great shots here if Marisa’s tits, but THIS time we get some great ass shots, in a tiny thong, and for a woman in her 40’s, WOW, she’s on fire….OK for ANY woman she’s on fire. We even get what appear o be some fake nipple rings, works for us.

So basically, critics say the wrestler is a great story, we say Marisa Tomei naked makes any movie great, so basically this movie will kick total ass and we can’t wait to post clips of Marisa’s stripper scenes and see how down and dirty she gets. Until then, enjoy these preview shots of Marisa Tomei’s latest awesome nude scene in “The Wrestler:”

Marisa Tomei Nude

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