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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amy Winehouse Topless Pic Bonanza

OK so we've taken some time off from the holidays, but we're back, better than ever, and delivering more celebrity nakedness than ever. One situation that has occurred during our holiday time away, is that Amy Winehouse has decided to actually go outside of her crack house and hit the beach often.

Why is it newsworthy? Well other than just the mere thought of crazy Amy Winehouse roaming the beach, it's that Amy has decided to go topless, ALWAYS topless. Now this was quite a struggle as to whether to post this or not, as Amy Winehouse isn't exactly the dream celebrity that we've all waited for to get naked. Granted, she's a celebrity, but most of the time people are just waiting for her to die of an overdose. But with all these topless beach trips and the buzz they keep creating, we're bringing Amy Winehouse here to NSFW Celebs because we see there are at least a few of you out there who want to see her boobs or at least are so fascinated that you can't not look.

Amy Winehouse has done a lot of crazy shit and has been photographed in various stages of intoxication, but now she's just saying screw it and is letting her boobs be seen freely and it's actually getting her the nicest attention she's gotten in over a year. Sure she's still Amy the crackhead to most, but people have noticed that in these pics she isn't as much of a skeleton as before, and her boobs are actually normal, with some people actually even using the word "hot".....well if you cut the rest of her off, yeah, maybe we can see it.

So with our decision to feature Amy Winehouse's tits on our site, we're just giving you a bonanza of pics since no one really cares what day it was, what time of day, the date, etc. So we're just going to grab a bunch of various pics from various days, all of topless Amy Winehouse on the beach and we'll be on the lookout for more if Amy is going to keep up this new topless lifestyle. Who knows, maybe she'll become a nudist next, but you will all have to ask yourself if you would REALLY want us to feature THAT. But for now, we give you Amy Winehouse boobs galore:

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