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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marisa Tomei Nude Scenes Video from "The Wrestler"

We've finally hunted down a collection of Marisa Tomei's numerous nude scenes from "The Wrestler." We first brought you pics of Marisa Tomei's stripper scenes from The Wrestler, but now we've got video, which provide even more Marisa Tomei nudity. And wow, it's been said once, but we'll have to say it again, Marisa Tomei may be the hottest 40 year old out there, as the scenes show, she's got the hot stripper role down to perfection. We get Marisa giving Mickey "Randy "The Ram" Robinson" Rourke a lap dance while topless and in a thong, then we get Marisa on stage, naked once again, which provides us a huge amount of Marisa Tomei naked boob time on screen. We've also mentioned before that Marisa Tomei is probably the first real legend here on our young site, as we've dedicated numerous posts (links can be found below) to the multiple nude scenes Marisa has done just in the past few years. She's one of those actresses you always wished would strip off and show it all on screen, but usually when they reach age 40, if it hasn't happened, it's probably not going to. BUT Marisa has set a new standard, as she's had a great long running successful career, then AFTER she's become a huge name, she decides to start getting naked in movies. So enjoy these great scenes from The Wrestler with Marisa Tomei showing her hot 40 year old body nude, courtesy of our friends at PhreeCelebs.com:

Marisa Tomei NUDE Stripper Performance in 'The Wrestler' - video powered by Metacafe

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