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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Classic Nude Scene: Meredith Baxter in "My Breast"

A special Classic Nude Scene today for those who group up in the 80's, enjoyed Family Ties, and especially day dreamed about living in the Keaton house in hopes of catching Mrs. Elyse Keaton in the shower or maybe changing clothes. Well the movie "My Breast" delivers on this to some degree. The point was that Meredith Baxter, who of course played Mrs. Keaton on Family Ties, wanted to raise breast cancer awareness, so she made a movie about it, and figured the best way to make people recognize her cause would be to expose her big tits and get a breast exam right there in the movie, and even on regular TV. Of course, it was all for a good cause, but come on, we know we're not the only ones who were enjoy some Mrs. Keaton mega boobs. Yes, Meredith Baxter has some big tits, not what you'd expect from the good wholesome mom image, but the bigger boobs made the scene all the more impact, for breast cancer awareness of course. Meredeth gets a nice tit feel up from the doctor in the scene, so this is definitely not just a quick boob flash. Sadly, Meredith Baxter apparently would only show her boobs for a good cause, so this was her one and only time she showed them. And it's also sad that more actresses don't realize how more people could be aware of breast cancer if they just showed us their boobs more, but Meredith Baxter's effort here will always be appreciated, and here is the video of Meredith Baxter's big boob exam:

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