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Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Jessica Biel Pics from Nude Scenes in Powder Blue!

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the monumental post that has been in the making for many months, ever since news spread that Jessica Biel would be doing a nude scene in the upcoming movie "Powder Blue." Biel plays a stripper in the movie, and of course when the news hit, everyone figured that like most big name actresses (besides Marisa Tomei, who did get naked in "The Wrestler") that Biel would play a stripper but never actually strip or show anything. Well on this momentous day, we have the proof that Jessica Biel shows both her tits AND ass in Powder Blue.

This will probably be only the first post in a series as we'll try to bring even more nude caps from Jessica's nude scenes, and eventually grab the video and feature that as well. In these first pics, we get some screens from Jessica's stripping scene, where she pours wax on her naked boobs, and rolls around on the stage in some see through panties, which reveal her ass. As a bonus, we get a darker bedroom scene, where Jessica shows us her totally naked ass, and we've brightened up the original screen cap so you can get the full view of Jessica Biel's hot ass. This is one of the rare occasion where an actress has been hot for years, and who many people want to see get naked, but usually it never happens (see Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc.) But in this case, Jessica Biel has made the right choice, and given her fans what they want, went topless, and will now be even more popular because of it. The other nudity hold out actresses should take note of how Biel's popularity will skyrocket, and hopefully more nude role will come her way, because these pics prove, we could never get tired of looking at Jessica Biel naked.

Not much more to describe these pics, they speak for themselves, but we're glad to finally deliver what is most likely THE most anticipated nude scene in years, and not only that, but it's Jessica Biel's nudity debut, right here, from Powder Blue:

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