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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anna Paquin Goes Nude Again to Kick Off True Blood Season 2

You must live under a rock if you haven't heard about this past Sunday's premier of the hit HBO Series True Blood's second season. Between online ads on every website, commercials everywhere, and hype on tons of sites, True Blood had a huge number of fans who just couldn't wait for season 2 to start. Of course our main interest is who will get naked this season? Last season we were thrilled to report on Anna Paquin's first nude scene, where she shocked everyone including us by baring her boobs for the first time on screen. Then we posted again on Anna Paquin's dirty sex scene from a later True Blood episode, which had us questioning why someone would have have sex after being buried in dirt, but anyhow, it gave us Anna topless once again. After the hot nude scenes from season 1, it was pretty much a guarantee that there would have to be more nudity to keep some of us happy and we were not disappointed.

To close the first episode of season 2, Anna's character Sookie, after being pissed at her vampire boyfriend Bill for the majority of the episode, finally forgives him and wants some sex, and she gets it. Last season we got a romantic style sex scene the first time they got it on, but this time Sookie comes across as horny, and we see Bill and Sookie hurrying into the bedroom, stripping off the clothes for a hot fuck. Paquin fans who have been wanting to see her sitting up topless got their wish, as we got to see a lovely different view of her tits. Then we get her getting pounded from behind as she's on her side, with another boob shot. Things then get a little odd as Bill bites her as usual, but then they kiss after and blood is shared, lovely.

We can get past the fairly gross part, since it means we get to see naked Anna Paquin, and rumor has it that episode 2 features another rather explicit sex scene between the pair, with Paquin giving a near full frontal shot...let's hope THAT rumor is 100% true. And and even better tidbit, we've read that Anna Paquin recently stated in an interview, that she has no problem getting naked on the show and has even put in a ton of time working out so her body looks hot for her many scenes in her tight shirts, short shorts, and nude scenes. That's what we like to hear, putting effort in so you look great when we see you naked. True Blood is a great show, with hot girls who get naked, so if you enjoy these True Blood nudity posts, expect more throughout True Blood Season 2. Anna Paquin nude sex scene below:


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