Britney Spears Topless

New Britney Spears Topless Photos

Britney Spears ToplessBritney Spears does it again. She has the Internet buzzing about her again and not because she forgot to wear panties, but because she made a sexier version of her video for “Gimme More” which includes her going topless with some paint on her tits, which really doesn’t hide anything and shows her nipples completely.

Rumors are swirling that there is a sexier/raunchier version of the video that was made that features Britney topless as these pics suggest, while other reports say she was topless with her boobs painted just for a few risque shots for the sexier version but no real total boob or nipple were to be seen.

Well apparently, since Britney was topless, she figured it was OK to just take some topless pics, and no one would ever see….yeah right. We’ve got them, and they are definitely the hot celeb news of the week. We’re hoping there is a video out there that will feature Britney showing off her naked boobs, so we can feature that here too.

For now, we’ve got the hot pics, and they prove that after all these years of people being crazy over Britney, people still are dying to see Britney nude. “Gimme More” is the perfect title for these Britney pics….More indeed…give us more nudity Britney.

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