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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Milla Jovovich Totally Nude in Purple Magazine

We may have a post of the year candidate here NSFW fans - once again a hot celeb has decided to pose nude (as in all the way totally naked) in a magazine that is not Playboy.

This time it's Milla Jovovich posing nude in Purple Magazine, which is apparently a French or UK Magazine. We're reminded of when Eva Mendes posed nude in Italian Vogue, everyone was in shock that Eva posed topless and showed the goods for a foreign magazine. Well prepare for more shock, because in this spread Milla Jovovich not only poses topless, but bottomless....OK with no clothes at all actually.

Milla is totally naked in these pics, showing off her pussy and ass even, no coverage here whatsoever. And for all the Milla fans, all the questions have been answered - she has pretty big nipples and yes she sports a little bush down below. The pics are in black and white and some may claim they have an "artsy" vibe, but we feel the Mendes pics were more artsy being she had all these wacky outfits on as where Milla is just hanging out naked.

Milla has been naked in quite a few movies, including giving some brief glimpses in the Resident Evil movies, but you really have to pay attention to get those quick glimpses as where in these pics she lets everything be seen. These pics are in black and white, which may be where some people are getting the "artsy" vibe from, but it's Milla Jovovich totally nude in several pics so who can complain? Not us.

One last tidbit, the article reveals that these pics were taken by a former lover of hers...so some guy gets to bang this, then be called back to take naked pics of her later in life...oh the luck.

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