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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Olivia Munn Topless and Hot in January Maxim

It was almost 2 years ago now that we first discovered and posted that Olivia Munn and her boobs were hot, and how we wish we could feature her as our "Nude Celebrity of the Day."  At the time, not near as many people had heard of her, but now you can't help but hear of her since she's doing multiple magazines, talk shows, tv shows etc...you're welcome.  Olivia really lit up her fan base last summer when news broke that she'd be posing for Playboy until the sad news that she wouldn't be getting totally naked, although the spread did provide the hottest Olivia tease pics to date.

Well it's no secret that Olivia's fans want more and she knows and acknowledges it, so she seems to be giving us more and more great tease pics until ultimately Playboy or someone else offers her enough cash to just get totally naked and spread joy across the world. (**Update - Olivia Munn finally got paid to get naked in the movie "Magic Mike" in 2012.**)

Now normally, we try to reserve our site for the good stuff - the nudity, the naked tits, ass, and everything in between those areas...but dammit, Olivia Munn has done it again. She's so hot we have no choice but to post these pics from the January Maxim anyway.  While Olivia is  indeed topless in one of these pics, she does cover up her boobs just like she did in Playboy and while we get awesome shots of her legs open on the cover and an awesome ass shot in pretty much a thong, she's not technically naked.  Olivia Munn topless and posing in a thong does the trick for us.  The ultimate tease continues from Olivia Munn, but I think you will all agree, these pics are hot enough to include on the site, but we'll continue to join you all with a message to Olivia:  Get naked already!

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