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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gisele Bundchen Gets Naked in the Back of a Car

I really don't understand why anyone famous would ever need to change clothes outside, or in this case in a car with the door wide open, but not understanding doesn't make me like it any less.  This story reminds me a couple of years ago when Angline Jolie changed clothes and went topless outside, even though she was on a balcony with a perfectly good house to go in and change behind her. 

This time it's Gisele Bundchen (reportedly the highest paid model in the WORLD) who was in St. Barts doing some filming, which one would think would also provide some changing areas, but today is our lucky day as Gisele decided to change clothes in the back of a car, leaving the door wide open as she got topless, and then bottomless with her ass sticking out for us to see.  Maybe she's a free spirit who isn't bothered by getting naked out in the open after all these years of modeling, or maybe it was the only spot available at the time, bottom line is we all win. 

It's moments like this where we thank the paparazzi, because without their stellar work we would have never known the highest paid model in the world was in the back of a car getting naked.  These type of pics don't come along often, but to many of us seeing these candid pics of Gisele naked are better than any of the Victoria's Secret ads or magazine covers she's done.  Here is the complete collection of Gisele Bundchen backseat boobs and ass pics:

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