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Adrianne Curry Rides the Sybian on Howard Stern – Now Getting Divorced

Adrianne Curry SybianFor a few years now, videos of celebrities riding Howard Stern’s sybian have been a favorite on our site.  Howard has had many porn stars ride it, but that’s really not that big of a deal since you can easily find them totally naked and doing various sexual acts quite easily.  It’s the celebrities who you normally wouldn’t get to see basically masturbate that are the attention grabbers, especially women like Adrianne Curry who talk about how horny they are and how much she gets off but never lets us watch.

Adrianne Curry is notorious for posting naked pics of herself on her Twitter, and at the same time telling everyone how she doesn’t do that sort of thing and isn’t an attention whore.  We have no problems with attention whores, and feel like Adrianne can just admit it now.  If you don’t know, Curry is (was) a married woman, as she fell for Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) on a reality show a few years ago that spawned their own show that followed the buildup to their wedding.  Well after all that, they realized their 30 or so year age gap, not to mention that fact that Curry is a Star Wars nerd type that dresses up for comic conventions and plays World of Warcraft, and her husband…is not.

Another factor that was realized on the show was that Curry is into girls, and has talked about having past sexual relationships with women.  That all came to a head in an infamous episode of their show where Curry presented her husband with nude pics of herself and Kelly Brannigan as a birthday gift…and the guy proceeded to freak out that his wife was such a…..lesbian?  Yeah, wife takes hot pics with another hot girl, and the husband hates it….definitely something wrong there.  This comes from the same guy that apparently sees his wife masturbating regularly and out in the open in their house (she is not shy in the things she tells online,) but seems to have lost his drive.

All of this brings us to a few weeks ago when Adrianne Curry appeared on the Howard Stern show.  Of course Howard wants her to ride his ultimate masturbation device, the sybian.  Even though Curry later mentioned in an online chat that her husband had warned her not to ride it, she gave in and hopped on the sybian.  Of course she enjoyed herself, and claimed to have an orgasm on it.  Here we are a couple of weeks later, and Curry and Knight have announced their split, and on their anniversary no less.  Now the question is, did the sybian pleasure Adrianne Curry so much that she lost the need for her husband?  View the video and judge for yourself:

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