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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Nipple Slip on "Fox & Friends"

For years now our site has covered the Kardashians - from Kim Kardashian posing totally nude to Kourtney Kardashian showing a little skin in Maxim, and a few other Kardashian posts in between. The Kardashian who we had yet to feature on our site was Khloe, who had only appeared in a post when she spanked her sister Kourtney's ass in a thong on an episode of their show. 

Khloe isn't regarded by most as the hottest or skinniest Kardashian, and she has always been the odd one out being she is tall and...larger...while her sisters are short and have a more exotic look.  Khloe was just there to throw the hot sisters around and entertain us.  Well earlier today, Khloe earned her own post as she had a nipple slip on "Fox & Friends" while appearing with her sister Kourtney.  Suddenly, the realization that Khloe had boobs got people talking.  She actually sat on the show for 6 minutes with her nipple completely showing, and the part we respected most.....she acknowledged and seemed proud of her nipple slip.  Khloe commented on her Twitter page that she "had a nip slip" and "loved it."

Later on celebuzz.com, she apologized for the slip if it offended anyone, but admitted she had a nipple obsession and loves when women show their nipples.  Hot damn, turns out the big Kardashian is kind of cool, and it sounds like we have a lot in common.  While some celebs act like they've been raped if their nipple pops out, Khloe Kardashian laughs it off and encourages more women to do the same.  She didn't want to steal the sex tape idea from her sister, so popping out a tit shot on national TV was the next best thing.  Keep getting naked Khloe, and pretty soon all the masculine jokes will go away and turn to straight boob talk!

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