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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amber Rose Nude Masturbation Pics Leaked

Today we have another good old celebrity leaked pic scandal. If you are unfamiliar with Amber Rose, she is pretty much only known for being Kanye West's odd bald model ex-girlfriend. She was apparently once also a stripper, and has never had a problem showing off her ass in a thong or going topless at the beach.

With Amber Rose getting naked pretty freely, leaked nude pics of her wouldn't normally cause much of a stir...except these nude pics are of her straight up masturbating, and 2 fingers deep at that! We could just tell she was a horny freak that probably got naked and banged herself often in private, but now we have the proof with these leaked pics from mediatakeout.com. No word on who leaked these pics, but there hasn't been any major statements about Amber being upset about them or anything, so maybe she realizes she just gained a ton of publicity by letting everyone see her fingering herself. So we have yet another semi-celebrity that sees that getting naked, and even masturbating for all of us to see, is a major key to getting famous.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lady Gaga Tits Exposed at CFDA Fashion Awards

When it comes to fashion and Lady Gaga, seeing a lot of skin really isn't out of the ordinary at all.  Many of her outfits are totally see through, but she's been careful to wear nipple tape every time she's wearing something that exposes her breasts.  At the recent CFDA Fashion Awards, Gaga wore an outfit that wasn't meant to be see through, but lucky for us a wardrobe malfunction gave us a great view of her tits, nipples and all.

There are so many opinions on whether Lady Gaga is hot or not.  Most of that has to do with the many looks that are constantly changing.  Her hair, makeup, and crazy outfits can sometimes have Gaga looking like a totally different person. Most can agree that beyond the craziness, Gaga does have a hot body.  Gaga can regularly be seen in a thong showing off her ass, and of course the nipple tape covered boobs are regularly on display too, but these shots of her boobs really show she has a nice big pair of tits.  A couple of years back we posted some artsy black and white pics of Lady Gaga topless in Vogue Japan, but these pics give us a better glimpse of what Gaga's got.

We've also included some pics of Gaga at the after party, where she changed into a totally see through outfit, but once again broke out the dreaded nipple tape.  Gaga must do this to narrowly escape getting arrested for public nudity.  It's not like she's afraid to get naked, so hopefully the more crazy she gets, the more nude pics we will see.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Nipple Slip on "Fox & Friends"

For years now our site has covered the Kardashians - from Kim Kardashian posing totally nude to Kourtney Kardashian showing a little skin in Maxim, and a few other Kardashian posts in between. The Kardashian who we had yet to feature on our site was Khloe, who had only appeared in a post when she spanked her sister Kourtney's ass in a thong on an episode of their show. 

Khloe isn't regarded by most as the hottest or skinniest Kardashian, and she has always been the odd one out being she is tall and...larger...while her sisters are short and have a more exotic look.  Khloe was just there to throw the hot sisters around and entertain us.  Well earlier today, Khloe earned her own post as she had a nipple slip on "Fox & Friends" while appearing with her sister Kourtney.  Suddenly, the realization that Khloe had boobs got people talking.  She actually sat on the show for 6 minutes with her nipple completely showing, and the part we respected most.....she acknowledged and seemed proud of her nipple slip.  Khloe commented on her Twitter page that she "had a nip slip" and "loved it."

Later on celebuzz.com, she apologized for the slip if it offended anyone, but admitted she had a nipple obsession and loves when women show their nipples.  Hot damn, turns out the big Kardashian is kind of cool, and it sounds like we have a lot in common.  While some celebs act like they've been raped if their nipple pops out, Khloe Kardashian laughs it off and encourages more women to do the same.  She didn't want to steal the sex tape idea from her sister, so popping out a tit shot on national TV was the next best thing.  Keep getting naked Khloe, and pretty soon all the masculine jokes will go away and turn to straight boob talk!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Porn Video Debut Now Available

Chyna Porn MovieWe know here at NSFW Celebs, wrestling females are among THE most popular on our entire site.  About 10 years ago, Joanie Laurer was one of the most popular females in wrestling history as "Chyna."  She was such an innovative character that muscled the other Diva's around and even beat some of the men!  When it was announced she would be on the cover of Playboy, it seemed like that would be as sexually daring as Chyna would ever get.  Then her substance abuse problems sent her out of WWE and into a life that resembled nothing of the Chyna of old.

Chyna appeared on the reality show "The Surreal Life" and even on Celebrity Rehab, and was a shadow of her former self.  Then there was the sex tape.  Yes, a Chyna sex tape of her getting it on with wrestler Sean "X-Pac' Waltman was released, and was known as "One Night in Chyna"...get it?  The tape became a bit of an ongoing joke to some due to Chyna never being regarded as the most feminine female, but here she was having hardcore sex on video. 

Now here we are a few years later, Chyna really hadn't made any headlines lately.  Then news broke that Chyna was returning to wrestling for TNA Wrestling.  She made her return, almost looked like her old self, and the fans welcomed her back with open arms.  The old Chyna was back in the ring and possibly had the old magic back.....until it was announced she wanted to do porn.  No more sex tapes here, just Chyna in a straight porn, and reportedly wanting to work with the most...."well endowed" co-stars available.  Chyna got her wish, and "Backdoor to Chyna" (get it? again?)  is now available from our friends at Vivid. The promotion material even pushes "Chyna's anal debut," and the video repeats the debut more than once....hardcore porn indeed.

The video features Chyna in pretty much every situation you can imagine in a porn.  Chyna fucking herself, fucking 2 girls (interesting to those who think she is masculine no doubt,) Chyna and 2 guys, Chyna and a girl and a guy....you get the idea.  So Chyna is now a full on porn star, and she won't be back in wrestling because of it.  Was it a wise choice?  Sounds like many are worried about her....but this video could be a career killer for anything else, so looks like Chyna is a full time porn star...for now anyway.  Check out the full "Backdoor to Chyna" Video at vivid.com.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blake Lively Leaked Nude Pics

...Or at least that is the subject of the latest major celebrity leaked nude pic scandal.  When nude pics of Blake Lively popped up across the Internet just a few hours ago, almost immediately the usual debates began as to whether they were real or fake.  Investigations, pic comparisons, the Internet is no doubt buzzing over these pics.  In no time, Lively's people had issued a statement saying the pics were fake and Blake had never taken any nude pics.  Of course the denial only further fueled the belief that the pics were no doubt real and her people were just covering it up.

Lively is best known for appearing in the series "Gossip Girl," and these pics are no doubt causing such a stir because at age 23, she hasn't shown the goods in anything at all yet.  Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio might be the only one that's getting to see her goods these days, but if the pics do turn out real, we can all say we've seen Blake naked since these pics show her (or hopefully her) great tits and ass.

Check out the full set of Blake Lively nude pics at Egotastic.com

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Adrianne Curry Rides the Sybian on Howard Stern - Now Getting Divorced

For a few years now, videos of celebrities riding Howard Stern's sybian have been a favorite on our site.  Howard has had many porn stars ride it, but that's really not that big of a deal since you can easily find them totally naked and doing various sexual acts quite easily.  It's the celebrities who you normally wouldn't get to see basically masturbate that are the attention grabbers, especially women like Adrianne Curry who talk about how horny they are and how much she gets off but never lets us watch.

Adrianne Curry is notorious for posting naked pics of herself on her Twitter, and at the same time telling everyone how she doesn't do that sort of thing and isn't an attention whore.  We have no problems with attention whores, and feel like Adrianne can just admit it now.  If you don't know, Curry is (was) a married woman, as she fell for Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) on a reality show a few years ago that spawned their own show that followed the buildup to their wedding.  Well after all that, they realized their 30 or so year age gap, not to mention that fact that Curry is a Star Wars nerd type that dresses up for comic conventions and plays World of Warcraft, and her husband...is not.