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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rihanna Goes Topless While Filming Video in Ireland

Even though Rihanna has been sexing it up in every video and concert she can lately, it's been WAY too long since we just got some straight up Rihanna nudity.  Back in 2009 we reported on the infamous leaked pics of Rihanna nude, and the pics have remained a hot topic that we will never get tired of looking at. 

Now today we get these pics from the video shoot for Rihanna's new song "We Found Love," which has her sexing it up in the fields of Ireland.  We've seen some hot pics the past few days from the shoot, but the latest batch show Rihanna just saying screw it all and going topless while running through the fields.   Here we thought the hot pic on the right from a couple of days ago with her in bandanna underwear were hot, now she's just gone totally free.  At first she used the "hand bra" to cover up her boobs, then just let them go for the enjoyment of everyone...in....the world.

We're hoping higher quality clear pics of these can be added to this post soon, since the pics of Rihanna topless are kind of blurry and she COULD be wearing pasties over her nipples, but hopefully not and hopefully we can get some better quality pics that will verfiy.  If the topless shots were part of the video, our guess is her nipples will be blurred out just to make everyone go every crazier.  Check out the awesome pics of Rihanna running through the fields of Ireland topless below:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kirsten Dunst Nude in "Melancholia"

It's a happy day here at NSFW Celebs when we have something truly great for post number 200 here on our site.  Almost a year ago we were thrilled to see that Kirsten Dunst went topless in "All Good Things," and we considered that to be the defining Kirsten Dunst nude scene we had always waited for.  Today, the shower scene where Kirsten briefly shows her topless tits from "All Good Things" seems like an afterthought now that we have these nude scenes from "Melancholia."

In these scenes, we get the full total view of Kirsten Topless, and a brief view of her fully nude from afar.  One of the topless scenes is up close and really gives us a good long look at Kirsten's surprisingly big boobs.  Her first topless scene must have been a warm up for this since Kirsten really bared it all here, and she even started touching her boob a bit toward the end to make us drool even more.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Nude Pics Leaked

Today the Internet is buzzing about what has to be considered the biggest nude pic leak since the infamous Jessica Alba nude leaked pics.  It seems like the world has been waiting for years to see Scarlett Johansson get naked, and just like Alba, the wait is over thanks to nude pics that have leaked on to the net. 

The pics started showing up on the net last night, and immediately sparked the usual debate as to whether they were real or not.  Then this morning TMZ broke the story that Johansson was getting the FBI involved in helping find out how these photos were hacked, so that pretty much confirms the pics are her.  So with that bit of information, it looks like we are finally getting a view of Scarlett's boobs and ass in these cell phone pics that look to be taken by Scarlett herself!

Taking self-nude pics then having them pop up on the net has become a great Hollywood tradition, and deep down these actresses know that a couple of leaked nude pics on the net means tons of coverage and attention.  Since Scarlett is apparently mad over these and involving the authorities, so we'll send you over to our brave friend Drunken Stepfather if you want to see the "alleged" Scarlett Johansson leaked nude pics.

...Or you can check out Scarlett Johansson's nude movie scenes at MrSkin.com