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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler Nude Ass in Culo Book

Stacy Keibler Naked AssThe new book Culo just keeps on delivering, once again giving us a celebrity that has never done nudity finally giving us something.  It is well documented on our site that WWE Divas and even former WWE Divas are very popular here, and it is especially rewarding when one of the most sought after former Divas gets naked after years of hoping.  That's right, today the Culo book gives us former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler finally getting naked for multiple pics of her bare ass.

Stacy Keibler was known for years involved in wrestling with both WCW then WWE as having the longest, greatest legs pretty much ever.  She was in the fun era of WWE when divas like herself and Trish Stratus were in some sort of sexual situation or skimpy outfit on a weekly basis.  Sadly, every year when it was time for a Diva to pose for Playboy, it was never Stacy.  So we're talking around 10 years of fans hoping Stacy Keibler would get naked in some fashion.

When Keibler left WWE and moved on to other things in Hollywood, there was again hope that she would end up showing some skin SOMEwhere.  Well it hasn't happened all these years, and when Stacy made headlines when it came out that she was now George Clooney's woman, it seemed like our chances were more slim than ever.  But thankfully, Stacy must have seen all the other celebrities stripping off for the Culo book and felt now was the time to show her awesome ass.

And what an awesome ass it is.  WWE always highlighted her famously long legs, but her ass is just as fantastic as you would think and worth the years of waiting.  In previous posts about the Culo book, we've seen that each celebrity has one pic, but Stacy Keibler's ass is worth THREE pics in the book.  2 of them are similar to both the Nicole Scherzinger nude ass pic and the Fergie nude ass pic style and pose wise, but the third pic stands out as possibly the best pic in the book.  We see Stacy just hanging out nude with a couple of female models, one of whom is Chrissy Teigen.

So 2 artsy pics of Stacy's ass, and one normal pic with some great lesbian vibes, we'll take it!  So for her WWE fans, fans of her famous legs, and for people who are just jealous of George Clooney, here is Stacy Keibler in all her nude asstastic glory:


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady Gaga Poses Nude in Vanity Fair

Apparently Lady Gaga is trying to take over our site by getting naked every chance she gets.  Just last week we posted on Gaga showing her bare ass in the new book "Culo," and now we get a mega hot full nude shot from the January 2012 issue of Vanity Fair. 

For anyone that saw Gaga's holiday special last week, she mentioned posing nude for a painting by Tony Bennett (yes THAT Tony Bennett,) but never did we think we would actually get to SEE anything other than the painting.  Gaga talked about being completely nude right in front of Bennett, and she was not lying.  This pic gives us a great shot of Gaga's hot body, with a boob completely visible and just inches away from straight full frontal!  It seems that the new rule is nudity is OK as long as art is somehow involved...works for us.  Tony Bennett might be the real winner here, as he's in his 80's and married, yet still getting hot women naked right in front of him.

Gaga has toured for most of the past couple of years, but now that she's in between tours it looks like getting naked will be her hobby.  Now we continue to wait to see what magazine lays down the cash for a full on nude shoot with multiple pics and full frontal nudity.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fergie Bare Ass Pic from "Culo" Book

Fergie Naked AssOur celebration of the new book "Culo" continues, as the book keeps on bringing us bare celebrity asses one after another.  The great part is it's giving us nudity from celebrities that we've never seen any from before like Nicole Scherzinger.  Today we were pretty shocked to see the book has done it once again, as for the first time we get to see Fergie's great ass naked!

We've taken note of how nice Fergie's butt is for years now, even posting on how hot Fergie's ass looked in a tiny outfit while filming a music video.  Now for the sake of art, Fergie has bared it all for the book and is showing her ass fully nude for the first time.  Unlike the Nicole Scherzinger and Lady Gaga ass pics from the book, Fergie's pic is a bit more "artsy" and not as raw as the others we've seen, but we can't complain too much since it is Fergie finally nude!

The Culo book just keeps on delivering surprises, and it's amazing to see how these celebrities who we didn't think would ever get to see naked are stripping off for it.  Today we give thanks for all celebrity asses (especially Fergie's) and continue to hope that the "Culo" book is successful and will spawn off the "boob" book next.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lady Gaga Naked Ass from "Culo" Book

Hot on the heels of our post on the red hot Nicole Scherzinger bare ass pic from the "Culo" book, today we bring you another great celebrity ass from the book in the form of the one and only Lady Gaga! 

Lady Gaga has never been afraid to show some skin, as seen last summer when we posted on her boobs slipping out at an awards show.  But this time she's voluntarily stripping down her pants for a nice shot of her bare ass.  As mentioned in the Scherzinger post, this book is about how nice female asses are, and it's good to see a huge star like Gaga will gladly show us how nice hers is when asked.  It's quite the norm to see Gaga walking around in public or performing in thongs, but this time we get the fully monty.  The pic seems to be in the same style as the pics from her "Born This Way" album, except for the nudity of course.  From showing us her ass, to having her own holiday specials, we can't help but love Gaga.

I've read for a while now that Gaga would like to eventually pose in Playboy even though she's been advised against it, but maybe showing her nude ass in an "artsy" book is the step in the right direction.  Little monsters, put your paws up and get your asses out indeed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger Naked Ass from "Culo" Book

If anyone has heard about this new book "Culo" that is available today, you know that it's basically a book put together by Diddy, Jimmy Iovine, and photographer Raphael Mazzucco that is all about female asses.  Plain and simple this book is about how nice female asses are, and since it's put together by big money mogul's and a renowned photographer it was reason enough for big name celebrities to feel comfortable showing their bare asses for the book.  They can try to sell this as art, classy, whatever...but they had us at naked celebrity asses; and when one of the first naked asses we see is Nicole Scherzinger, there's no arguing that this book is one of the best ideas ever.

Nicole has been hot for years whether it was as a member of the Pussycat Dolls, as a solo artist, or now as a host on The X Factor, but never gave us any nudity.  It was looking like her boobs slips and upskirts were about the only action we were ever going to get from her.  Luckily when you call it "art," somehow the idea of stripping nude and showing the world your bare ass is a great idea and is no longer "dirty" or "objectifying women."  In Nicole's pic, we get a great full shot of her ass with only tribal marking of some sort on it......and she's not wearing much else.  Somehow I'm willing to bet that no matter how much Nicole thinks she is being artistic by getting naked for these pics, she HAS to know how many guys will be jerking to this pic regardless.

So the "Culo" book is available now, with a ton of celebrities showing their naked asses for the sake of art, and all I can hope is next up we will be celebrating boobs as well with another highly artistic book featuring celebs baring their topless breasts....for art of course.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elizabeth Olsen Nude in "Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene"

20 years ago or so, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (aka Michelle Tanner) were already huge stars even though they were little kids.  They went on to make tons of annoying movies as teenagers, and then moved into fashion and such as they got older and just got richer and richer.  There was no doubt that many hoped they would turn off the good girl act and show their "other side" so to speak as they got older and hopefully get away from the "Full House" image.  Sadly, that still hasn't happened, but that is where their younger, obviously cooler sister comes in....and her name is Elizabeth Olsen.

The first thing that stands out about Elizabeth Olsen is that she looks pretty much just like her sisters, so you still get that Olsen look except she gladly gets naked.  The second thing is that while her sisters had periods of time where they were, or at least LOOKED anorexic, Elizabeth is looking healthy and has a nice big pair of tits.  In "Martha, Marcy, May, and Marlene" Elizabeth gets naked a whopping 3 times; first jumping in the lake naked and showing her ass in the process, then trying on a shirt and getting topless, and yet again during a sex scene where she shows her big topless breasts again. 

Kathleen Robertson Nude in "Boss"

Hot on the heels of our report on the awesome Lake Bell topless scene in "How to Make It in America," we have even more premium channel nudity to deliver.  This time it's Starz giving us Kathleen Robertson finally getting naked in their new show "Boss."  The show stars Kelsey Grammer, and Kathleen Robertson cast as his personal aide who seems to enjoy finding a stairwell or a secluded corner to fuck some guy any chance she gets.....sounds good to us.

Kathleen is probably most famously known as "Clare Arnold" from the glory days of 90210.  Back then she was a seductive character that seemed horny all the time and always down to seduce a guy, but how far could she go on network TV?  Since then, she's done movies like XX/XY and Scary Movie 2, but only teases of nudity.  At age 38, it seemed like we were never going to see her get naked and stop teasing us.  That fear was put to rest on the very first episode of "Boss," as Kathleen got it on with some guy and showed her boobs for the first time on screen.  Even better, in the second episode she gets another hot fuck and shows her tits once again.  If she keeps up this pace, every episode will definitely be "can't miss TV."

Below we have BOTH Kathleen Robertson nude scenes from "Boss," which will go down as the first time she has shown the goods on screen.  Hopefully each episode leads to even hotter nude scene since that seems to be what her character "Kitty O'Neil" is all about.

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Lake Bell Topless in "How to Make It in America"

It seems the new trend in celebrity nudity is to get naked for the first time on a hot show that's on a premium channel.  We all remember the shock when Anna Paquin got naked for the first time on True Blood, and now Anna is naked multiple times per season on the show.  Now HBO has done it again by having Lake Bell get naked on screen for the first time, and it's on their show "How to Make It in America."

Lake Bell is one of the hot actresses we've seen around for a few years now in movies and TV, but has always been on the "why doesn't she get naked" list.  We are even a little late delivering this news because it took a while to look into it after reading all the massive buzz her scene produced.  She actually did the entire first season of "How to Make It in America" without getting naked, but for season 2 she has gained the show a ton of attention by doing a topless scene.  The buzz was huge since not only did she finally decide to do a nude scene, but it also verified suspicions after years of seeing her in skimpy tops that Lake has some pretty perfect boobs.

The highlight of it all might be that Lake even commented on the nude scene on her Twitter as she posted:

"My boobs are appreciative of all your kind/lascivious words. After all, it's solid support that'll keep them perky. #HowToMakeIt #sorrydad"

So she definitely has heard fans loud and clear, her boobs will gain her more attention, so she should keep on showing them and even more.  She is the shining example of..."How to Make It in America"....indeed.  Check out the awesome Lake Bell topless scene below:

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