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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Lindsay Lohan Playboy is Now Available

We've seen her topless in New York Magazine, we've seen her boobs fall out at the beach, and now the day Lindsay Lohan fans have waited for is here as her issue of Playboy is now available.  It feels like Playboy has been dead for years, since recently it seems that they either feature hot celebrities in non-nude spreads, or celebrities that no one knows or cares about.  But getting Lindsay Lohan to pose nude could be Playboy's big comeback, as TMZ is reporting that the issue is selling out everywhere and is already the most sought after issue of Playboy in years.

Opinions on Lindsay Lohan's nude Playboy spread are all over the place.  Yes we see her completely topless, yes we get some shots of her naked ass which is something we haven't seen before, but the full frontal everyone hoped for is barely there.  On top of that, the shoot was done with a Marilyn Monroe inspired theme which took away from seeing the "real" Lindsay naked.  Of course as with most Playboy shoots, photoshop is a factor and it seems many of you would've rather seen a more "raw" type shoot. 

Well it's Lindsay Lohan finally naked.  Although it may not be perfect, it's the most naked she's gotten, and hopefully it will open Playboy's eyes that we want to see big time celebrities taking it all off or else we won't have interest.  The Lohan Playboy looks like it's going to set records, so be sure and grab your piece of nude history.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

TNA Knockout Brooke "Tessmacher" Adams Nude in "Bikini Destinations"

Brooke Tessmacher nudeToday we bring you nudity from one of the ever popular women of wrestling.  This time it's TNA Impact's Brooke Adams aka Brooke Tessmacher.  WWE fans may even remember Brooke Adams as a short lived WWE Diva in the "Extreme Expose" group with Kelly Kelly and Layla.

On recent editions of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, Tessmacher and other Knockouts have been placed in risque lingerie matches and bikini car wash fights.  Tessmacher and her "TNT" tag team partner Tara voiced their opinions online that they were wrestlers and did not enjoy partaking in the scantily clad matches, with Tessmacher pointing out that she likes to keep her modeling and wrestling separate.  Keep in mind this is coming from Tessmacher and Tara who kiss each other on the lips as part of their entrance, and in the case of Tessmacher, rubs her ass in her opponents face as one of her signature moves.

Well for being such an athlete and not wanting to show any skin, she Brooke Tessmacher sure is a whole lot of naked in the video below!  As we already know Brooke did a lot of modeling in the years prior to becoming a wrestler, but in "Bikini Destinations: Triple Fantasy," she's straight up nude on the beach and giving us a major eyeful of her bare boobs.  Not only that, but as we are looking at her naked ass, she explains that she's always had a great ass and is her best feature.  Not bad at all for such a "conservative" wrestling Knockout.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Jessica Lowndes Upskirt Pics from 90210 Set

The new 90210 seems like it's sticking around for a decent run since it already has a few seasons under its belt, and with every season it seems that the new cast of females get more popular.  The original 90210 had millions going crazy hoping the girls from that show would be getting naked somewhere, and that hope continues on as everyone is loving Kathleen Robertson from the original 90210 naked in "Boss" recently.

The new cast hasn't given us much nudity unless you count AnnaLynne McCord's boobs falling out while filming a scene.  Actually AnnaLynne's boobs falling out kind of goes with today's post, as Jessica Lowndes was also filming a scene and was caught with her legs pretty much wide open.  Lowndes was filming a scene with co-star (and equally hot) Jessica Stroup when she got nice and comfortable without thinking a spying camera was on her (although there seems to be production cameras right in her face.)  Jessica is in a skirt and doesn't hide anything as she is adjusting or standing or whatever she is trying to do.  All we know is this is the definition of a great upskirt pic that shows pretty much everything (ass, thighs, panties, you name it.)  And she doubled the pleasure of her fetish fans by being barefoot as well. 

So either Jessica Lowndes doesn't care if we see up her skirt, or else just didn't think about it.  We like her a lot more now though after really seeing what she has to offer, and she will definitely be on our list of 90210 women that need to get nude every chance they get.  Look up Jessica Lowndes skirt multiple times from multiple positions below: