Adrianne Curry Nude

Adrianne Curry Posts Nude Pic on Twitter to Celebrate 300,000 Followers

Adrianne Curry NudeWell all of us at NSFW Celebs feel like we’ve been on strike for the first part of the new year, mainly because there just hasn’t been enough good celebrity nudity going on.  We felt like we needed the right moment to kick off 2012 the right way, and Adrianne Curry helped us find that moment.

There are many opinions out there about Adrianne Curry, some good, some bad.  Our opinion is she knows how to get attention the right way.  We first posted on Adrianne almost 4 years ago when she took lesbian pics with Kelly Brannigan.  It was a big story at the time because Curry’s ex husband Christopher Knight flipped out like the thought of 2 girls naked together was the most disgusting thought ever.  Then last year we posted the likely reason Curry and Knight got divorced which was Adrianne riding the sybian on Howard Stern.

Now today we have the payoff from a promise made by Adrianne a couple of months ago.  This also serves as a tutorial to other celebrity females who want to get more Twitter followers.  Adrianne stated that if she reached 300,000 followers, she would post a topless pic in celebration of the milestone.  Somewhere along the way, everyone voiced their opinion that they would rather see a self shot pic of her rather than some airbrushed professional Playboy type crap.  What we got was……well…..a fully nude pic of Adrianne, but it was from a vacation a few years ago before she bought bigger tits.  There has already been a little backlash over this, since the majority of us expected a mirror pic of Adrianne standing in her bathroom naked or something, but we’ll take what we can get.

So now the complaining caused Adrianne to mention that she might show her new tits if she gets to 500,000 followers.  I’m willing to bet she will get there, since the proof is in the pic above, nudity gets the job done.  I think this should be the 2012 trend, all female celebs trying to get as many followers as humanly possible by promising more and more naked pics.  Hopefully Adrianne will be more clear on what we’ll be getting when she reaches that 5K point.  You can help the cause by following @AdrianneCurry on Twitter.