Rihanna Shows Her Ass in a Thong at a Beach in Hawaii

Rihanna has given us many happy moments over the years.  When her nude pics leaked years back, they were the hottest thing on the Internet.  Then just a few months ago Rihanna ran around topless in a field for a music video, which also made us extremely happy.  Now normally we do not post pics of celebrities in bikinis at the beach.  Yes some bikini pics are hot, but most of the time it’s just a bikini and it’s just not extreme enough for us to post.  Today we can gladly report that Rihanna has found a way to make us post pics of her in a bikini at the beach.

For a few days now, Rihanna has been vacationing in Hawaii and paparazzi have been all over her every day.  Most celebs may get offended at all the attention, but Rihanna just puts on her best TINY thong and lets the pictures fly.  Yes, Rihanna let it ALL hang out in the latest pics from her Hawaii vacation.  She had some sort of cover up on at first, then said screw it and went just about bare assed as she hung out on a body board in the water in a barely there thong.  For anyone that has always wanted a great full view of Rihanna’s ass, well here it is.  Basically these are the best pics of Rihanna’s ass you could ask for besides seeing her fully nude ass…maybe one day.

We’re hoping this vacation continues, because Rihanna has discovered a way to make bikini beach pics NSFW!