Kelly Kelly Topless

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly Topless Pics (with Nipple) from Photo Shoot

Kelly Kelly ToplessThese days it seems like we never get any sort of nudity from the WWE Divas since WWE is all about being TV-PG.  Well at least for today, that is all out the window because we have one of the top WWE Divas in Kelly Kelly in a very hot topless photo shoot that gives us a great nipple shot, unbelievable camel toe, and so much more.

Kelly Kelly (real name Barbie Blank ((why didn’t they just use that name)) has been a top WWE Diva for years now, and we had such high hopes back when she debuted years ago when her character was that of an exhibitionist that loved getting naked in public (yes WWE used to be much better.)  Back then she would sadly get interrupted every time she got close to being naked.  Since then WWE has tried to keep things clean and make the Divas role to be models or something.  Thankfully this Kelly Kelly shoot was outside of WWE and she was free to go topless and maybe show a little more than she expected.

It looks like we were going to get one of those “topless yet their back is to us” type shoots, but in the pic to the right, you can see that Kelly’s hair didn’t quite cover her boobs and her nipple is clearly visible.  Shoots like this are great because they let the Diva show some attitude that they can’t show us in WWE.  Kelly is topless and flipping us off in some of the other pics below, and even in a bikini that gives us a perfect outline of her camel toe!  Seriously, we have seen this entire shoot referred to as “the camel toe shoot” because Kelly’s vagina is so perfectly outlined and visible.

We loved when WWE Divas would go nude in Playboy, but now we’ve got to do a little hunting to find out who’s getting naked and Kelly Kelly doesn’t disappoint.  Here are some pics from this mega Kelly Kelly shoot including the topless and bikini camel toe pics.