Olivia Munn Topless

Olivia Munn Topless Scene from “Magic Mike”

Olivia Munn ToplessWe have held off on commenting about this since we wanted to wait until we had the visuals for you all to see, being we have posted a lot on Olivia Munn and openly complained about her refusal to give us nudity (until the legendary day her dirty pics were leaked at least.) I remember a few months ago that I read the rumor that Olivia Munn had a topless scene in “Magic Mike” prior to the movie’s release. As I read through forum posts, every person called the rumor fake, there was no way the smart ass geek goddess who refused to even show ONE boob in PLAYBOY of all things would get naked ever.

Then the fateful day when grainy screenshots emerged and confirmed that Olivia Munn finally gave in and showed her tits, most likely realizing it was the only way she was going to give her career a boost. The stories emerging from the set go along great with this story as well. Word is Munn wanted everyone off the set and was so nervous to have everyone see, well guess what Olivia, millions are starting at your naked boobs now! Olivia must have realized eventually that her tits were pretty much the only selling point for guys to see the movie since it’s about male strippers, as she even tweeted that anyone who ever wanted to see her topless should go see the movie in theaters. No more grainy pics here, we now have the full scene!

The scene itself features Olivia standing in a bedroom topless, getting dressed after a threesome (where was THAT scene) and it all happens pretty quick. It’s especially short considering Olivia acts like her boobs are precious gifts that are the biggest deal in Hollywood EVER to show (they’re boobs Olivia, most females have them.) But everything else aside, Olivia finally (willingly) got naked for us, so hopefully she now realizes the only way to keep her career going. If you get naked, we will like you, simple. Check out Olivia Munn in her first nude scene in a movie below: