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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rihanna Shows Her Ass in a Thong at a Beach in Hawaii

Rihanna has given us many happy moments over the years.  When her nude pics leaked years back, they were the hottest thing on the Internet.  Then just a few months ago Rihanna ran around topless in a field for a music video, which also made us extremely happy.  Now normally we do not post pics of celebrities in bikinis at the beach.  Yes some bikini pics are hot, but most of the time it's just a bikini and it's just not extreme enough for us to post.  Today we can gladly report that Rihanna has found a way to make us post pics of her in a bikini at the beach.

For a few days now, Rihanna has been vacationing in Hawaii and paparazzi have been all over her every day.  Most celebs may get offended at all the attention, but Rihanna just puts on her best TINY thong and lets the pictures fly.  Yes, Rihanna let it ALL hang out in the latest pics from her Hawaii vacation.  She had some sort of cover up on at first, then said screw it and went just about bare assed as she hung out on a body board in the water in a barely there thong.  For anyone that has always wanted a great full view of Rihanna's ass, well here it is.  Basically these are the best pics of Rihanna's ass you could ask for besides seeing her fully nude ass...maybe one day.

We're hoping this vacation continues, because Rihanna has has discovered a way to make bikini beach pics NSFW!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Olivia Munn Nude Peta Pics (Again)

Olivia Munn is out to prove the point to us all that she REALLY supports Peta.  After all, this is the second time she has posed nude for Peta campaigns, this time supporting the anti-fur campaign.  A couple of years ago Olivia posed nude for Peta in support of boycotting the circus, but that pic really made sure to cover every inch of Olivia's body.  These new pics still cover the parts we REALLY want to see, they show a lot more than last time so we can't be too mad.

First off this time we get 2 different pictures/poses, so that's a plus.  Second we get to see some side boob and side....ass shots...that keep was wanting more Munn.  She must be taking note of how much attention these pics get every time she does them.  Now that she no longer does Attack of the Show and is mainly doing TV shows and movies, one has to wonder how much money it will take to get her to do a nude scene.  These nude Peta pics are a good way to keep us interested, and we are definitely hoping for more.  Hey Olivia, imagine the kind of statement you could make about whatever cause you wanted by showing your boobs completely topless?  Just a little food for thought.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AnnaLynne McCord Tweets Pic of Topless Boobs

In the age of technology and celebrities being able to connect with fans through social networks, it's pretty amazing that a celebrity could "accidentally" tweet a pic of her boobs without realizing it.  It seems that's what 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord recently did when she recently posted a self shot topless pic.  Within seconds, a follower notified her that her nipple was visible, and the pic was quickly edited to remove the nipple.

This had to be satisfying for those of us who are sick of celebs posting sexy pics that cut off the good parts...like "Oh we're naked in this pic, but we're only going to give you a pic that's a tease."  Well AnnaLynne McCord beat herself on this one since she didn't do a proper nipple inspection before posting the pic on the right.  Of course she's not known to hate attention either, so this "accident" could just be a case of McCord knowing how to get herself a good amount of attention.

Of course this isn't the first time we've seen AnnaLynne's nipples, as they had a hard time staying in her shirt on the set of 90210 a few years ago, and we posted the pics of her exposed boobs.  Hopefully she realizes how popular her boobs are and continues to show them.  By all means we forgive this Twitter "accident" and won't hold it against her.  For more check out AnnaLynne McCord nude at MrSkin.com

Monday, January 9, 2012

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly Topless Pics (with Nipple) from Photo Shoot

Kelly Kelly ToplessThese days it seems like we never get any sort of nudity from the WWE Divas since WWE is all about being TV-PG.  Well at least for today, that is all out the window because we have one of the top WWE Divas in Kelly Kelly in a very hot topless photo shoot that gives us a great nipple shot, unbelievable camel toe, and so much more.

Kelly Kelly (real name Barbie Blank ((why didn't they just use that name)) has been a top WWE Diva for years now, and we had such high hopes back when she debuted years ago when her character was that of an exhibitionist that loved getting naked in public (yes WWE used to be much better.)  Back then she would sadly get interrupted every time she got close to being naked.  Since then WWE has tried to keep things clean and make the Divas role to be models or something.  Thankfully this Kelly Kelly shoot was outside of WWE and she was free to go topless and maybe show a little more than she expected.

It looks like we were going to get one of those "topless yet their back is to us" type shoots, but in the pic to the right, you can see that Kelly's hair didn't quite cover her boobs and her nipple is clearly visible.  Shoots like this are great because they let the Diva show some attitude that they can't show us in WWE.  Kelly is topless and flipping us off in some of the other pics below, and even in a bikini that gives us a perfect outline of her camel toe!  Seriously, we have seen this entire shoot referred to as "the camel toe shoot" because Kelly's vagina is so perfectly outlined and visible. 

We loved when WWE Divas would go nude in Playboy, but now we've got to do a little hunting to find out who's getting naked and Kelly Kelly doesn't disappoint.  Here are some pics from this mega Kelly Kelly shoot including the topless and bikini camel toe pics.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adrianne Curry Posts Nude Pic on Twitter to Celebrate 300,000 Followers

Well all of us at NSFW Celebs feel like we've been on strike for the first part of the new year, mainly because there just hasn't been enough good celebrity nudity going on.  We felt like we needed the right moment to kick off 2012 the right way, and Adrianne Curry helped us find that moment.

There are many opinions out there about Adrianne Curry, some good, some bad.  Our opinion is she knows how to get attention the right way.  We first posted on Adrianne almost 4 years ago when she took lesbian pics with Kelly Brannigan.  It was a big story at the time because Curry's ex husband Christopher Knight flipped out like the thought of 2 girls naked together was the most disgusting thought ever.  Then last year we posted the likely reason Curry and Knight got divorced which was Adrianne riding the sybian on Howard Stern.

Now today we have the payoff from a promise made by Adrianne a couple of months ago.  This also serves as a tutorial to other celebrity females who want to get more Twitter followers.  Adrianne stated that if she reached 300,000 followers, she would post a topless pic in celebration of the milestone.  Somewhere along the way, everyone voiced their opinion that they would rather see a self shot pic of her rather than some airbrushed professional Playboy type crap.  What we got was......well.....a fully nude pic of Adrianne, but it was from a vacation a few years ago before she bought bigger tits.  There has already been a little backlash over this, since the majority of us expected a mirror pic of Adrianne standing in her bathroom naked or something, but we'll take what we can get.

So now the complaining caused Adrianne to mention that she might show her new tits if she gets to 500,000 followers.  I'm willing to bet she will get there, since the proof is in the pic above, nudity gets the job done.  I think this should be the 2012 trend, all female celebs trying to get as many followers as humanly possible by promising more and more naked pics.  Hopefully Adrianne will be more clear on what we'll be getting when she reaches that 5K point.  You can help the cause by following @AdrianneCurry on Twitter.