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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman Porn Video Now Available

We've held off reporting any of this Octomom news until something official was finally available, and today it is; the infamous "Octomom" Nadya Suleman's "self pleasuring" video is now available.  For anyone that isn't aware, Octomom is known for having 14 kids (8 of which she had at one time) and has been in the news recently for not being able to afford them all.  Over the years we've read that she has received numerous offers to do some sort of porn work, apparently for the novelty of the whole thing, but Suleman always turned down the offers....until now.

So apparently when you can't afford your 14 kids, there's nothing left to do but get naked and sell a porn-type video.  See apparently Octo had a problem with doing PORN all these years, but not so much with getting naked and masturbating on video.  That's right, this first Octomom porn is Nadya Suleman by herself, getting off with vibrators and such.  The other factor in all this is Suleman claims to have never done such dirty things, and is just now masturbating to orgasm for the first time on this video...take that for what you will.  Apparently she had veteran porn stars like Jessica Drake on the set instructing her how to "perform" for this video.

Then there are all the debates about Nadya Suleman and whether all of this is hot or not.  The 36 year old mother of 14 has big tits, and her body doesn't seem destroyed for someone who has had 14 kids.  But then there are those who say Octo has obviously had a ton of plastic surgery and looks fake as can be.  Maybe the draw to this video for some is the fact that Octomom finally had to give in and get naked.  She actually claimed it was a great experience and it sounds like she might do it again (maybe with dick involved next time?  Or maybe another female?)  And keep in mind, this woman with 14 kids who was so hard up also had government assistance and seemed to still be living beyond her means.  I'm willing to bet Nadya Suleman has found her true calling in the porn business which can pay for her lifestyle and her kids.  

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