Rihanna Goes Nude in front of a Window

This is really a headline we’ve been waiting to post for years now.  Rihanna has been a favorite for years here at NSFW Celeb, probably because she’s the type to even post her OWN nipple slip pics on her Facebook.  As a celebrity that loves to sing sexual songs, wear sexual clothes, and do sexual photo shoots, so it make  perfect sense for Rihanna to change clothes literally butt naked in front of an open window.

It all happened while Rihanna was vacationing in her homeland of Barbados over the holidays.  Anyone that follows Rihanna knows that her vacations usually consist of smoking it up and frolicking around in tiny bikinis.  Well the magic moment happened while she was changing up the bikini look, and didn’t bother to close the wide open window/door.  The results are full shots of Rihanna’s ass and even a topless shot of her boobs!  Somehow we finally got good views of the parts Rihanan usually teases us with but never gives the fully monty!

Some seem to feel these pics are staged, as in a couple of the pics Rihanna appears to be looking directly at the camera, but honestly, are any of you mad that IF Rihanna saw a camera she decided to get topless AND bottomless right in front of it?  We’re not.  Here are the great pics of Rihanna topless and bent over giving us the full moon:

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