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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kate Upton Goes Fully Nude Wearing Only Body Paint for Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton Hot Sports Illustrated CoverThe Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has long been a long standing guilty pleasure tradition of sorts.  It's the once a year chance for readers to indulge in the year's hottest ladies while claiming to just be reading for the sports.  More often than not over the years, the most streamlined hot bodied model is the one that lands the magazine's cover.  That changed when Kate Upton's tits overpowered everything and took over the Swimsuit Edition cover for 2 years in a row now.

Last year Kate made a splash on the scene as her cover showed off her toned body, yet humongous real boobs.  The boobs just weren't what you would expect on a trim bikini model, but that's really what makes Kate Upton stand out.  This year as we saw the cover, it was no surprise that Kate's boobs were once again the highlight as she sports an open coat that shows off her mega topless cleavage underneath.  It's a hot pic, but the real surprise came on with what's actually going on in the shoot itself.  In one part of the shoot, Kate goes completely nude and wears only a painted on bikini.  So while you look at these pics, don't let your eyes deceive you, you are seeing a totally naked Kate Upton before your eyes.

As you can easily tell, Kate's boobs are completely visible as they hang freely.  The same can't be said for her lower half, since sadly Sports Illustrated obviously had to touch up that area or we would clearly see Kate's vagina lips the same way we can see her nipples.  Thankfully the ass shots are also clear and the body pain doesn't hide her ass at all.  So we get the most clear Kate Upton tits and ass pics ever?  We'll take it.

This girl is just aching to pose nude more, and this is as close as it's going to get aside from going without the paint.  These are the best Kate Upton naked pics we've seen to date, so huge kudos to Sports Illustrated for going really edgy with this one:


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