Shiri Appleby Topless

Shiri Appleby Goes Topless Again and Has More Sex on “Girls”

Shiri Appleby ToplessShiri Appleby making her nudity debut last week on “Girls” caused quite a stir and has been the hot topic of celebrity nudity since.  As we mentioned, it was quite a shocker since Shiri debuted in a graphic scene that saw her get it doggy style before the guy “finished” on her breasts.  Now just a week later, Shiri is showing us she means business by going topless on Girls once again.

This week it looks like Shiri is getting banged by the same guy, but she is totally topless unlike last week where she just pulled them out to avoid a jizz stain.  Shiri doesn’t have the biggest boobs, but it’s still nice to see them bounce around as she gets rammed by the guy.  Speaking of the guy, he keeps sex with Shiri Appleby interesting once again by first asking if she “likes his cock” to which she says yes.  Then he takes it further by calling her a little whore, to which she has to correct him on that one….gotta love this show.

So if you liked seeing Shiri Appleby having hot naked sex last week, you will love seeing her topless and getting it again this week in the video below.  Hopefully this story keeps paying off and continues seeing Shiri being the brave naked star we always knew she could/should be.