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Friday, May 3, 2013

First Pics From the Farrah Abraham Sex Tape!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Porn
**Update - The Farrah Abraham sex tape is now available!**

We've held off on posting about this until we had some cold hard content to post, and that's exactly what we have here with the very first pics from the upcoming "Backdoor Teen Mom" sex tape featuring Farrah Abraham.  Now if you don't know who she is, you obviously haven't had MTV on in years or looked at a supermarket magazine cover, because the girls from this show have been all over them for a long time.  "Teen Mom" has been the show that covered the ongoing drama from the lives of some of the girls originally featured on "16 and pregnant," one of who was Farrah Abraham.

Basically Farrah Abraham had the big sob story on the series, being her baby's daddy passed away and the shows chronicled her life as a struggling single teen mother.  She constantly clashed with her oddball mother and seemed a bit screwed up, which was somewhat expected given the circumstances.  Things took a bit of turn when news spread that Abraham bought herself a new pair of boobs, which was the first signal that she was on the path to sexing things up.

Then the real jaw dropper happened, the rumors swirled that a sex tape featuring Abraham had leaked and would possibly be released.  That would have been one thing, but then Abraham was seen with porn star James Deen and things starting becoming a bit more clear.  What actually went down (yeah) was that Farrah was trying to orchestrate her own "sex tape leak" which was in actuality a professionally shot porn!  Fast forward to now and Farrah Abraham has signed a 7 figure deal with porn kings Vivid, and "Backdoor Teen Mom" will be available online next week!

Given the name, many are expecting full on hardcore action in this tape including anal sex (how could it not with that name?)  After seeing so many of these girls claim their teen pregnancy was a mistake and how they're turning their lives around, it's going to be quite interesting to see one of them get rammed by a well known (and apparently endowed) porn star in James Deen. The first few pics show that Farrah isn't shy as she is naked and showing off her new tits with no problem, but we only get a glimpse at her pussy since they are no doubt holding that back for the full release.  Farrah Abraham fully nude hardcore sex is something we never thought we would be reporting on.

The now 21 year old Abraham is of course getting all kinds of backlash for this since of course she has a young daughter who will have to grow up knowing her mom's whole story of getting knocked up at 16 AND then letting the world watch her screw for money...but Farrah seems oblivious to it all. Actually she's stated it's because she's a single mom, needs the money, and pretty much had no other options - so all of you single moms out there take note, if your struggling for cash you need to be out there selling yourself....because getting a job or something would just be ludicrous!

All in all we're glad to see one of these girls owning up to reality.  Teen Mom has tried to push these sweet stories about these girls when in reality they couldn't keep their panties on when they were 15-16 and still can't.  Farrah Abraham is coming out and straight up saying "this is what I'm good at, so it's time to get paid for it."  It's probably only a matter of time before the rest of the Teen Moms realize they can cash in on this since there is a huge audience that would pay to see them get down and dirty after seeing them on TV all these years.

Will Farrah Abraham become a full fledged porn star?  It's quite possible especially if she keeps on getting all this attention.  The Teen Mom fans will never look at her the same...that's for sure.  Here is the first look at "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom":

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