Rosario Dawson Nude in Trance

Rosario Dawson Full Frontal Nudity from “Trance”

Rosario Dawson Nude in TranceWhat we have today is quite possibly the nude scene of the year, and undoubtedly one that will go down as an all-time great.  We’ve actually held off on posting on it just because a top quality HD version of the scene is the only way to do it justice.  Rosario Dawson has gotten naked and showed her giant boobs and even showed a little hint of full frontal nudity in movies like “Alexander” a few years ago, but even that doesn’t compare to the full on complete vagina and all nudity from Rosario Dawson in “Trance.”

Although there is some sex and glimpses at Rosario’s boobs here and there in “Trance,” there is one scene that garnered all the attention for obvious reasons.  In the scene, Rosario is walking toward the camera as it pans up her completely nude body.  We’re not talking about a dark or blurry scene, this is a straight up view of all Rosario’s goods.  Not only do we get an awesome view of her pussy, but we get yet another great look at her huge tits which no one could ever get enough of seeing.  Of course the pussy shot is where all the controversy lies since it isn’t ever day that a mainstream actress just shows her vagina in your face in such a way, so of course Rosario shot to the top of our list of favorite actresses ever with one scene.

The controversy was even brought up on Jay Leno, where Rosario talked about the scene and mentioned the “Brazilian wax” she had to get for it (that’s right, we not only see her vagina, but it’s completely hairless.) She also had to whisper to Leno that because of regulations, her labia couldn’t be shown (so as we see in the scene, everything is tucked in to her slit nicely.)

Of course she uses terms like “beautiful” to describe shooting the scene, which obviously is an attempt to make it seem like art rather than something everyone watches and gets off to, but we all know what we are thinking here.  If “beautiful” is how you describe Rosario Dawson’s nicely tucked in vagina and topless boobs, then sure.  OK after all this buildup, here is the already legendary scene featuring Rosario Dawson completely nude and letting us see every inch in “Trance”:

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