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Monday, February 25, 2013

Classic Nude Scene: Anne Hathaway Hot and Topless in "Havoc"

Anne Hathaway hot nude scene in HavocWith Anne Hathaway winning Oscars and solidifying her A-list status more and more, we can't help but think about all the awesome nude scenes Anne has done over the years.  I mean you really can't beat an actress who wins multiple awards for her performances yet is happy to do fully nude scenes when necessary.  Needless to say, Anne Hathaway is very popular for a multitude of reasons.

Today we're taking a look back to a time when Anne was the nice girl who did Disney movies like "The Princess Diaries," back when we hoped she would break away form the Disney image (like many Disney girls do) and get into some hotter roles.  Thankfully, that's exactly what Anne did in the movie "Havoc," and she did it in a major way. 

In the movie, Anne plays a bad girl looking to get into all kinds of trouble.  Anne makes her nudity debut in Havoc by showing her fully topless boobs twice in the movie, as well as a bit of a nipple peek at another point.  First we get Hathaway making out with a dude in a car, of course she gets him horny and he wants a blowjob; Anne obliges but not before making sure to take her bra off (maybe to avoid stains?) and we get to see our first ever shot of Anne Hathaway's topless boobs as they bounce around. 

Next up we get some guy filming her for a project of some sort and she starts acting horny, pulls her nipple out, and starts fingering herself!  The guy can't handle the moment and doesn't jump on her and give her what she wants like any other guy would so that moment is ruined.  Finally, Anne hooks up with some Hispanic gangster guy who is quick to pull her bra off for another look at her awesome tits.  This time it's Anne who chickens out before the guy can ram her good (which is possibly the only thing that could have made this scene better.)

Havoc showed us that Anne Hathaway would do whatever it takes to make it to the top.  She showed off her boobs like a pro, and went on to do it again and again in multiple other movies.  After viewing so many of these scenes, we have to say Anne has one of the nicest pair of natural tits in Hollywood  The video below have all three scenes that started it all and set a standard for what a hot nude scene should be.  So today Anne Hathaway, we salute you!

Friday, February 22, 2013

NSFW Celebs is Now on Facebook!

We are glad to announce that NSFW Celebs is now (finally) on Facebook!  As you all know, we use our main site here to post all the celeb nudity we can find, but now we have a place to talk about more news related stories as well as re-live some of our classic posts.  Many of you know you can follow us on Twitter @CelebsNSFW and now we would appreciate a like at Facebook.com/NSFWCelebs if you appreciate all the celeb nakedness we bring you!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kristen Stewart Topless Sex Scenes from "On the Road"

We're going to shoot straight on this one, we probably wouldn't even know who Kristen Stewart is if it wasn't for the "Twilight" series.  In all honestly we haven't even watched those movies, but the phenomenon they became made everyone take notice of the movie's stars.  Suddenly Kristen Stewart was this hot, goth....emo girl that many wanted to see get naked.  She got even more attention when she was caught cheating with director Rupert Sanders, which sent us that message that she was the dirty little sex freak we had hoped she was.

The payoff to it all is finally seeing Kristen Stewart get naked and horny in a movie, which is what "On the Road" gives us.  Not only do we get to see Kristen go topless and having hot sex in a bed, she also goes the extra mile so to speak as she gives 2 guys a double handjob in a car.....oh and she's topless yet again in the scene. 

These scenes are pretty much everything a Kristen Stewart fan could dream of.  Hot sex, nudity, and the dirty Kristen that she never was in Twilight.  Check out her very hot scenes from "On the Road" below:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sara Underwood Demonstrates Naked Yoga for Us All

Sara Jean Underwood Naked YogaEver since Attack of the Show ended, there has been a definite void in many of our lives.  If you are an old school fan of the show, you know how hard getting over the loss of Olivia Munn when she left the show to go show her boobs in movies.  What helped us along the way was the combination of Candace Bailey and Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood, whose daily antics that included motor boating and girl on girl flirtation helped ease our pain. We even featured Sara as our "Nude Celeb of the Day" a couple of years back.  Today Sara Underwood is here to help us once again, and maybe even teach us something.......maybe.

In this video, Sara Underwood shows us how to properly do many popular yoga poses.....she also happens to be doing them completely nude.  Yes, we are supposed to be learning something while at the same time staring at a naked Sara Jean Underwood twisting and bending and....showing us every area of her body we ever wanted to see.  OK so maybe we won't be learning a thing today, but I'm willing to bet no one is going to be upset.  Nothing against Sara's yoga, she definitely knows what she's doing but the naked aspect of her topless boobs, ass, and vagina in our faces are just too much to handle.... the term "hottest, yoga, ever" comes to mind.

Usually what you see in a Playboy Magazine is all edited and photoshopped up, but this video from Playboy TV is awesome and raw; just total Sara Underwood nudity and yoga.  Sara maintains a serious face throughout, as if she isn't even thinking about all of us gawking at her naked body....what a pro.  So, if you want to TRY to learn some yoga, good luck; if you want to spend some quality time getting over the loss of AOTS, nude Sara Underwood is here to help: 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kate Upton Goes Fully Nude Wearing Only Body Paint for Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton Hot Sports Illustrated CoverThe Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has long been a long standing guilty pleasure tradition of sorts.  It's the once a year chance for readers to indulge in the year's hottest ladies while claiming to just be reading for the sports.  More often than not over the years, the most streamlined hot bodied model is the one that lands the magazine's cover.  That changed when Kate Upton's tits overpowered everything and took over the Swimsuit Edition cover for 2 years in a row now.

Last year Kate made a splash on the scene as her cover showed off her toned body, yet humongous real boobs.  The boobs just weren't what you would expect on a trim bikini model, but that's really what makes Kate Upton stand out.  This year as we saw the cover, it was no surprise that Kate's boobs were once again the highlight as she sports an open coat that shows off her mega topless cleavage underneath.  It's a hot pic, but the real surprise came on with what's actually going on in the shoot itself.  In one part of the shoot, Kate goes completely nude and wears only a painted on bikini.  So while you look at these pics, don't let your eyes deceive you, you are seeing a totally naked Kate Upton before your eyes.

As you can easily tell, Kate's boobs are completely visible as they hang freely.  The same can't be said for her lower half, since sadly Sports Illustrated obviously had to touch up that area or we would clearly see Kate's vagina lips the same way we can see her nipples.  Thankfully the ass shots are also clear and the body pain doesn't hide her ass at all.  So we get the most clear Kate Upton tits and ass pics ever?  We'll take it.

This girl is just aching to pose nude more, and this is as close as it's going to get aside from going without the paint.  These are the best Kate Upton naked pics we've seen to date, so huge kudos to Sports Illustrated for going really edgy with this one:


Monday, February 11, 2013

Helen Hunt Full Frontal Nudity and Sex from "The Sessions"

Helen Hunt goes nude in "The Sessions"If you asked us a few months ago about Helen Hunt, we probably would've said she's on the list of "stars who should have done more nudity before they got too old" list.  Sure she's shown her boobs here and there in movies and who didn't watch "Mad About You" back in the 90's and think about her naked, but when an actress gets to be Helen's age, it's usually nudity retirement time and all hope is lost.  Now, Helen Hunt has forced us to eat our words with her work in the movie "The Sessions."

As the story goes, this movie is about a "sex surrogate" who helps a disabled man lose his virginity.  Now I believe I would describe that as a hooker, but hey we can use fancy terms that make it sound nicer.  The fact of the matter is, Helen Hunt gets naked in this movie....all the way totally naked. At almost 50 years old this came as quite a shock, but we have to admit Helen Hunt pulls it off and is still hot!  Now back to the nudity...the shock value here is very high as just showing her topless tits would be a pretty big deal, but Hunt proceeds to take off her panties as well, giving us the full on ass and full frontal pussy shots as well!  From then on it's her mission to get this guy horny, as her boobs get plenty of camera time, and then she even straddles this guys face which gives another awesome ass shot in this surprisingly raunchy scene. 

So the guy finally gets turned on, she rides him and seems to enjoy it too, and everyone is happy.  Now some may make the argument that this is a sweet story about Hunt's character helping out the disabled guy, but I think we all know that Helen Hunt totally nude is what we're all enjoying here.  They could have sold this story with less nudity, but full on nudity and even some raunchy sex REALLY got the message across here.  Here are the best scenes, complete with Helen Hunt's tits, vagina, and ass on display in this...very nice story:

More: Helen Hunt nude at MrSkin.com

Friday, February 8, 2013

High Quality Selena Gomez Spring Breakers Promo Pics

If you've found yourself in recent months scanning the Internet for more pics/videos/information for the upcoming film "Spring Breakers"....welcome to the club.  Basically the movie is pushing the fact that we're getting some former Disney girls gone wild....genius marketing in every way.  The movie will feature Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine running around in bikinis the entire movie and acting like wild....well spring breakers.

The big noteworthy point here is that this movie is rated R.  All these years of perving on these girls that tried to act squeaky clean when in reality we knew they wanted to get down and dirty will finally be paying off.   There have been unconfirmed reports that a couple of the girls go topless, and we will most likely get some girl on girl make outs somewhere in there, but even beyond all that just promoting that these girls will be in bikinis for the entire movie is enough to draw some of the biggest perv interest in years.  Any nude scenes coming out of this movie will be considered bonus.

So to go with all this information on the skin we will be seeing in this movie, a collection of hot promo pics have been released that feature the girls in various poses in what else but bikinis.  Some feature the girls in naughty poses and grabbing each other's tits and asses, but these bikini pics of Selena Gomez really stand out.  These aren't just regular old Selena bikini pics, these are super high quality pics that allow you to see every fiber of her skin, even in "those" areas.  So basically if you're a huge Selena Gomez fan, these pics are so high quality that you'll feel like she's right next to you staring you in the face, and giving you quite the hot view including some very nice camel toe.

Normally pics like these would be photoshopped and all perfect/fake looking but in another stroke of genius, these pics appear untouched as you can make out every bit of Selena Gomez's bikini area and probably estimate the last time she shaved.....yeah, they know how to create interest for this movie.

Spring Breakers opens next month on March 22nd, and we're hoping all that hot ass does well at theaters so it encourages more behavior from these ladies.  While this movie won't be winning any Oscars for the awesome story, the general consensus seems to be: "Wow that movie looks horrible...I can't wait to see it!"

Does Selena have your interest?  Well here is the uncensored Spring Breakers trailer that shows you what we're in for: