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Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Time for the Mr. Skin Whack-It Bracket 2013!

We almost didn't realize it was time again for the hottest babes in Hollywood to square off in the most exciting (literally) tournament this side of March Madness!  That's right, our good personal friend Mr. Skin is once again holding a "Whack-It Bracket" for Hollywood hotties to battle it out to see who is the hottest; but this time Mr. Skin is making this tournament extra special because this year we will decide who has the best boobs!

Last year Scarlett Johansson walked away as the winner of the tournament as she was voted Hollywood's hottest.  This year, it's going to be a battle of the boobs and a new queen will be crowned.  The brackets will be separated into "Hollywood Hooters," "Foreign Funbags," "Retro Racks," and "Breast of the Rest."  As you can see, boobs from all areas and eras are going to get a fair shake in this one.  The contenders in each bracket look like this:

Hollywood Hooters
Jennifer Connelly

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shiri Appleby Goes Topless Again and Has More Sex on "Girls"

Shiri Appleby ToplessShiri Appleby making her nudity debut last week on "Girls" caused quite a stir and has been the hot topic of celebrity nudity since.  As we mentioned, it was quite a shocker since Shiri debuted in a graphic scene that saw her get it doggy style before the guy "finished" on her breasts.  Now just a week later, Shiri is showing us she means business by going topless on Girls once again.

This week it looks like Shiri is getting banged by the same guy, but she is totally topless unlike last week where she just pulled them out to avoid a jizz stain.  Shiri doesn't have the biggest boobs, but it's still nice to see them bounce around as she gets rammed by the guy.  Speaking of the guy, he keeps sex with Shiri Appleby interesting once again by first asking if she "likes his cock" to which she says yes.  Then he takes it further by calling her a little whore, to which she has to correct him on that one....gotta love this show.

So if you liked seeing Shiri Appleby having hot naked sex last week, you will love seeing her topless and getting it again this week in the video below.  Hopefully this story keeps paying off and continues seeing Shiri being the brave naked star we always knew she could/should be.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Shiri Appleby Nude and Having Hot Sex in "Girls"

Shiri Appleby ToplessThere is no better way to start the week than with a celebrity nudity post we never thought we would be writing.  I would have to say 1999 was the first time I really took notice of Shiri Appleby when  played "Liz Parker" in the new show "Roswell."  It was pretty clear from the get go that Shiri was going to be the super nice girl from a popular TV show that we would never ever see naked.

Fast forward to almost 14 years later, and the show "Girls" is making headlines for its realistic and some would say (not us!) gratuitous sex scenes.  The shows creator Lena Dunham also stars in the show, and is the center of much of the shows controversy.  Lena isn't exactly a stick figured model that you might normally see doing nude sex scenes, but she is taking it all off and raising some eyebrows in the process.

Enter Shiri Appleby.  We read a few months ago that Shiri would be going topless in "Girls" for the first time in her career and it was a huge surprise to read it would be happening since it seems like she's barely even taken a sexy pic during her career.  What we had in mind was a quick boob flash or maybe a sex scene with a peek at her nipples at best.  What we got is a raunchy sex scene with an explicit ending that no one could see.....coming.

This scene has to be considered very realistic since the guy is acting like anyone else would in real life if they realized Shiri Appleby was at their house and wanted to have sex with them.  There's no dramatic music or fake motions here, just some hot raw sex.  He takes control by bending her over, pulling her panties down, and eating her out from behind (vagina or ass isn't clear, but WOW either way.)  She doesn't seem comfortable with this, so she tries telling him she hasn't showered, but he's just fine with that too.  He then proceeds to bang her doggy style, which lasts about as long as any other average person that might get to have sex with Shiri Applebee. 

The real jaw dropper happens as the guy rolls Shiri over and gets read to cum all over her to which she says she doesn't want it on her dress, so she proceeds to pull her dress down and lets him cum on her tits.....and yes they actually show the results as she lays their topless with his man juice on her boobs.  She acts highly offended that she just got jacked off on, but the deed was already done.

This scene is the ultimate payoff to anyone wishing and hoping an actress like Shiri Appleby would get naked for all these years.  Somehow these roles are considered "art" by some, but softcore porn sounds much more applicable to us.  Hopefully this has Shiri comfortable with getting naked on screen, and will do it much more on "Girls" since this show knows how to do nudity right!  The full Shiri Appleby nude sex scene is below:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King Porn Video

Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King Porn VideoSo the Internet has gone crazy over this porn video that features the (now former) Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King.  It seems like once a pageant like this is won, the winner is going to get raked over the coals as people dig for any bit of dirt on them they can find.  In this case, this find has to be considered the dirtiest of the dirt.

At first King denied it was her in the porn video but in the end she resigned as Miss Teen Delaware USA over the scandal, which is pretty much as good as an admission.  The guys who filmed the video backed up the claim by pointing out she identifies herself by name. 

The video itself is almost like a try out.  King answers some questions first about herself and her sex life.  According to the producers King reached out to the company to do this video and it looks to be her first time doing such work.  You can tell she isn't making fake faces and moans for the camera like you would see in many porn videos.  Actually it makes for a more realistic sex video which makes it hotter if you're more about realism.  Apparently the performance wasn't up to the producers liking since King wasn't asked back to do more work.  NOW the big question is after her resignation, will she return to the porn world where she could make big bucks after this scandal?

Since this video is triple x level with everything from blowjobs to multiple sexual positions and isn't our usual celebrity nudity fare, we're going to provide the link for those of you who may find it TOO NSFW.  You can watch the full 30 minute Melisa King sex video at Xvideos.com.