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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tila Tequila Has a New Sex Tape...Porn Video...You Get the Idea

Tila Tequila Sex TapeTila Tequila was just about to fall off the radar again, when she wisely realized it was time to get down and dirty again.  Yes, we say "again" because she once had a lesbian threesome sex tape "leak" and SOMEhow found it's way to the Internet which in turn no doubt made her a nice chunk of change along with a good amount of publicity.  We're sure someone that was so "angry" about the "leak" would never let it happen again, but....ah who are we fooling, Tila Tequila is officially a porn star and knows that people will pay to watch her have sex.

In all honesty, we're not even sure if Tila is claiming this new sex tape is a "leak" or not, but we do know it's a full on triple x porn that involves a guy this time and Tila taking it every which ways possible.  With a title like "Tila Tequila: Backdoored and Squirting," we'd expect nothing less.  This pretty much completes Tila's career as she's gone from a model that would tease and show a boob here and there, to lesbian threesomes, to now finally going all the way and letting us watch her get penetrated.....everywhere.

We must admit it was sort of fun to suspend disbelief in her last video and enjoy watching her get down and dirty with her girlfriends thinking it was a personal video that was never meant to be seen, but this video is more or less Tequila's induction into the porn world.  All that's left is doing a plain old porn where she's getting rammed by multiple guys and girls (possibly at the same time.) It seems like Tila has found her calling though as she does drum up attention every time she decides to do something like this, and it's not like anything else she's tried has worked for her.

So here it is, if you've been waiting to see Tila Tequila get naked again, and especially if you've wanted to see her have anal sex (and regular sex too) with a guy, Tila Tequila: Backdoored and Squirting" is the sex tape for you.

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