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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Farrah Abraham Has Another Sex Tape - Backdoor and More!

If you watched the original controversial Farrah Abraham sex tape, you were probably left wondering what would be left for her to do in future sex tapes.  She took it in every hole, in every position, and was pretty much as dirty and raunchy as you could imagine.  Then of course there was the controversy where Farrah claimed it was just a "leaked" sex tape with her "boyfriend" and she would never do porn etc. etc....except for the fact that there was still unused footage from the first porn er....sex tape, a lot of footage actually.  So what else could she do besides maybe....get in a crazy sex swing and get rammed every which way all over again?  In a word.......yes.

All of that brings us to today, as Farrah Abraham's sex tape sequel "Backdoor and More!" has been released.  While these days Farrah is the star of VH1's "Couples Therapy" (because she's the first person to go on a couple's therapy show....by herself,) this new sex tape once again shows the real Farrah.  Abraham tried to seemingly distance herself from the first sex tape recently and maybe get back to some sort of "good mother" image, but that's really not possible when she has not one but TWO sex tapes with her begging for anal sex.

So apparently this new tape was shot around the last time as the first one, but when you really think about all the dirty sex in both of them combined, you really have to question how horny Farrah Abraham actually is.  We're not talking plain old quickie sex here, from oral and anal to sex on a bed and now sex on a swing, for "not being a porn star"....Farrah Abraham has some major sex skills and will probably get many offers to continue in this line of work.  And no matter how she words things, Farrah does like money and has no problem letting us watch her have sex as long as the checks are high enough. 

From Teen Mom to porn queen, here is the all new look at Farrah Abraham doing what she does best:


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