Rihanna See Through

Rihanna Wears Completely See Through Top at Paris Fashion Show

Rihanna See ThroughWe’re considering renaming our site “NSFW Rihanna” since she has such a history over the years of giving us so much post-worthy material. In all seriousness, she has really kept it creative in somehow showing us a lot of nudity without just standing there completely naked. From fully nude paparazzi shots taken from a distance to just a few weeks ago posing topless on the beach for a photo shoot, Rihanna is one of our all-time favorites for not being afraid to let us see. Her latest has to be considered one of her greatest, simply because it gives us the message “Oh you want to see my tits? Well here they are!”

Rihanna attended the Balmain Fashion Show after party in Paris wearing THE most revealing shirt she’s ever worn…if it can even be considered a shirt. You see Rihanna simple wore a piece of mesh for a top, and absolutely NOTHING under. That’s right, full on Rihanna boobs on display, out in the open for all to see. Rihanna gladly took pics knowing her boobs were showing, nipple ring and all, and seemed quite glad to do so….all in the name of fashion right?

It seems that recently Rihanna is BARELY trying to cover up anymore, as seen in her topless beach pics where she only wore small pieces of tape that didn’t even cover her nipples, and now she’s just straight up letting us get the full view. Many say Miley Cyrus has started a game of “one up” with other music stars as far as who can show the most skin, but if Rihanna is indeed jumping in on that game…things are definitely going to get interesting. Then again maybe Rihanna was just inspired being in Paris where fashion is huge, and showing ones tits is just another aspect of it.

So here it is, Rihanna gladly having her tits photographed and making the world a happier place. As a bonus, there are also pics of Rihanna hugged up with Jessica Alba from the event; now THERE’s a couple we absolutely couldn’t get enough of!