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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update: Kim K Full Frontal Nudity in Paper Magazine

Kim K ToplessJust 24 hours ago the Internet "broke" over the fact that Kim Kardashian showed her oiled up naked ass for Paper Magazine, now 24 hours later we are back with an update that even shocked us: Kim Kardashian also posed for full frontal nude pics in the magazine as well.

Kim looks like she's thrilled as can be to not only be dropping her dress and showing off her huge money maker ass, but now she's turned around for the front view of her boobs AND vagina....which you may also remember from her sex tape.

The real surprise here is that Kim has always (at least pretended) to be shy about showing her boobs and especially her pussy, but the fact that we've all seen it get slammed by Ray J should really cancel all of that out....which maybe it finally has in Kim's mind too.  Marriage, having a kid, those things have not gotten in the way of Kim's number 1....getting attention. 

Of course these pics are already stirring even MORE controversy with many saying Kim's nude body is just too good to be true and HAS to be photoshopped; maybe, but even so, anyone that wonders can easily pull up her leaked nudes from The Fappening and compare what her nude body looks like in the raw compared to these nudes in Paper Magazine. 

The big kicker in all this is Kim is claiming to have not been paid for this and....just wanted the chance to work with some famous French photographer....hey whatever gets her naked, but I'm sure the attention factor might have played a SLIGHT role as well.

These controversial Kim K pics are a welcome sign, and we hope the other Kardashians realize that they too need to strip it off if they want the same type of attention.  We're still bummed that none of the other sisters have had a sex tape, but come on they could at LEAST pose nude like Kim at this point!  ....well, maybe when their shows stop pulling in ratings they'll know what they need to do to stay famous.  For now, here's Kim showing them all how it's done as she gladly let's us all state at her full frontal nudity:

Kim K Full Frontal Nudity

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