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Friday, March 27, 2015

Jessica Alba Returns to the Beach - Brings the Alba Pose

Jessica Alba Pose at the BeachIt's been around 10 years since the infamous shot of Jessica Alba at the beach that saw her on all fours with her ass popped up as if she was inviting anyone and everyone to come get a piece; the "Alba Pose" as it was so aptly named, is something you might think Jessica would be sure to never do again if she didn't want the world gawking at her in such a position after seeing how it's been caught on camera, but her latest trip to the beach tells us she definitely wants us all to see that no one can outdo the original so this time she's taken the pose to the next level.

One might think the best part of this beach trip is that Jessica is hanging out with Chrissie Teigen (who recently went totally nude at the beach herself) and that alone does double the viewing pleasure, but it's almost as if Jessica had to make sure it is known that she is still the bikini queen as she bent over with her ass up in the air more than we've ever seen before.  I mean the original "Alba Pose" was hot enough, but this is just straight up "face down ass up" style and it really just has to be seen to be believed.

Jessica's open invite from 10 years ago was legendary, but this one is looking more inviting than ever, especially when you realize how thin the material is between us and Jessica's......everything.  So the Alba pose is still reigning supreme and she doesn't care who sees it.....now we just have to wonder why she doesn't want to prove even more to us by getting naked in a movie!

If there is a limit to how much ass in your face you can possibly handle, Jessica Alba's ass may indeed  make you question if you have met that limit...

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