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Friday, March 27, 2015

Jessica Alba Returns to the Beach - Brings the Alba Pose

Jessica Alba Pose at the BeachIt's been around 10 years since the infamous shot of Jessica Alba at the beach that saw her on all fours with her ass popped up as if she was inviting anyone and everyone to come get a piece; the "Alba Pose" as it was so aptly named, is something you might think Jessica would be sure to never do again if she didn't want the world gawking at her in such a position after seeing how it's been caught on camera, but her latest trip to the beach tells us she definitely wants us all to see that no one can outdo the original so this time she's taken the pose to the next level.

One might think the best part of this beach trip is that Jessica is hanging out with Chrissie Teigen (who recently went totally nude at the beach herself) and that alone does double the viewing pleasure, but it's almost as if Jessica had to make sure it is known that she is still the bikini queen as she bent over with her ass up in the air more than we've ever seen before.  I mean the original "Alba Pose" was hot enough, but this is just straight up "face down ass up" style and it really just has to be seen to be believed.

Jessica's open invite from 10 years ago was legendary, but this one is looking more inviting than ever, especially when you realize how thin the material is between us and Jessica's......everything.  So the Alba pose is still reigning supreme and she doesn't care who sees it.....now we just have to wonder why she doesn't want to prove even more to us by getting naked in a movie!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Vote Now in the Whack-It Bracket 2015! Battle of the Boobs!

It's March Madness time and that can only mean one thing here at NSFW Celebs - the annual Wack-It Bracket! That's right, our friend Mr. Skin has once again put together a stellar tournament which this year will decide just which celeb has the best boobs! 
That's right, the biggest boobtastic showdown in history, and the winner is in your hands (don't you wish?)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chrissy Teigen Gets Naked at the Beach for Photoshoot

Chrissy Teigen NudeIt's really no surprise that John Legend (given the panty-dropping music he makes) nabbed himself a hot supermodel wife like Chrissy Teigen, but it is quite a surprise that he doesn't mind her stripping ALL of her clothes off at the beach for a hot naked photoshoot in Miami.  In fact, Legend was right there watching it all take place as Chrissy frolicked completely nude in the ocean.

Of course Chrissy is no stranger to baring a lot as she's been a regular star in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and done other risqué type modeling over the years; we even featured her here a few years back in an ultra-hot pic of Chrissy naked in bed with Stacy Keibler.....yes, that really happened.

You might think most guys would put their model wife on lockdown by the point of marriage at least, but John Legend apparently wants us all to know what he has had for years now, and it is very very nice. 

In these pics, after stripping off it seems like Chrissy barely cares about her boobs being seen because she only covers them with her arm briefly before just letting them go; from there she's in the ocean topless in plain site, and then it became apparent that she was also bottomless, which again, is very very nice. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ronda Rousey Dominates UFC, and Looks Good Naked Too

Ronda Rousey ToplessRonda Rousey blew the Internet up over the weekend after her record setting victory over Cat Zingano at UFC 184; Ronda not only continued her undefeated streak, she also defeated the top threat to her title in a record 14 seconds.  Of course with Ronda becoming one of the biggest draws in MMA and now even moving into movies as well, our main thought is....how does she feel about getting naked?

As luck would have it, the ultra bad ass UFC Women's Bantamweight that doesn't mind telling you she's the best in the world also doesn't seem to mind taking her clothes off!  Rousey has posed in semi-stages of nude already for a few magazines including ESPN Magazine, Maxim, and more recently the one and only Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  In these pics we've seen Ronda's completely naked ass, a few topless pics with her nipples covered of course, but the most jaw dropping (at least for us) was Ronda almost going full frontal on us with some pics for ESPN that went WAY low and as close to her vaginal area as you can get without a full slit view.

If you've seen Ronda fight (or even seen her signature face when walking to the cage) you know she doesn't come across as the most "girly" female out there; she's seems to definitely be a tomboy, but WOW these pics show that she sure cleans up nicely.  So now that we've seen her semi-naked, we think she has to be a candidate for Playboy (or any other magazine that is smart) to look at as someone they could pay big bucks to for her to take it all off and show us everything.