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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Charlotte McKinney Demonstrates How a Bikini Can Be NSFW

Charlotte McKinney Bikini AssWhen we think of the celebrity photos and videos that we find to be "NSFW" or "Not Safe For Work," we generally think of nudity in some fashion; sometimes it's on purpose and sometimes it's accidental nudity, but it's being naked in some way is how we normally deem something NSFW....unless you're someone like Charlotte McKinney - in her case, even just wearing a bikini can be NSFW as evident by the pics we have today.

One glance at Charlotte McKinney and you'll see why she's been deemed by many as the "next Kate Upton" - her assets can barely be contained and it doesn't even like she was trying to do so recently in Malibu.  Charlotte McKinney demonstrated in these pics that a tiny bikini + big boobs and then showing off a nice ass in a thong is a recipe for success.

Actually Charlotte is no stranger to using her access to gain success - I mean the girl got famous via her Instagram profile and made people take notice.  Now it seems like she realizes what brought her to the dance and is showing it off even more.  I mean it's one thing for a hot model to pose for hundreds of sexy pics, but that doesn't mean we want to see candid pics of her in a natural setting with very little clothing as well. 

Charlotte McKinney really is a marketing machine - she's used her goods to become a big time model, she's done dancing with the stars, and is even acting now - we think a topless movie scene definitely needs to happen in the near future.  Check out the pics below and see why Charlotte McKinney may be the perfect woman if you are into tall blonde models with big tits and perfect asses:

Charlotte McKinney Boobs Charlotte McKinney Butt Charlotte McKinney Ass

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