Fergie wardrobe malfunction

Fergie Returns to the Stage with Mom Boobs and a Close Shave

Fergie wardrobe malfunctionSome call it a wardrobe malfunction, we call it genius marketing – Fergie’s return to the stage after a lengthy break due to becoming a mom created quite a stir, mainly because her outfit barely held her in any of her lady parts.

When we think of wardrobe malfunctions, we think of fully exposed breasts or nipples, or some other piece of an attire that rips or falls off; in this case we think Fergie just knew how to bring attention to her return and get people talking about her immediately even after being mostly out of sight for the last few years.

After all, Fergie has brought her visual pleasantries to our site for years; six or seven years ago we were posting on how great Fergie’s ass looked in music videos and how awesome her bikini body was, now here we are again posting about her assets – although her mom-status has now given us some….”enhancements” to talk about.

Yes the first thing that caught our eye in these pics from Fergie’s recent concert at Rock in Rio Lisboa was that her mom boobs were on FULL display. Fergie has always had rather large boobs, but now they’re bigger and nearly spilling out level….ah the benefits of motherhood.

If the Fergie’s mom boobs have your eyes bugging out, then be prepared because they’re about to bug out even more when you look down below, because the lower half of her wardrobe is riding so high that you can literally see how closely she shaves her vagina.  This is the part many sites have referred to as a “wardrobe malfunction,” but we have to imagine she had to test out the wardrobe beforehand….where she most likely realized it would definitely get us all talking – mission accomplished.

On top of everything in the front, Fergie’s ass is on full display as well and it’s looking fantastic as ever – maybe motherhood does wonders for that area as well….at least it does for Fergie. Enjoy the pics below and you can be the judge on just how risqué Fergie meant to be; personally we hope she takes this exact outfit on tour and keeps on letting everything spill out:

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